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Some random thoughts on Game 5, as I move from "completely not interested" to "oh yeah, I like hockey."

• What is it with Karen Newman, the lady who sings the national anthems at the Wings games? Her renditions of the American National anthem are total overkill. It's like watching someone use a hammer to smash a ladybug. And she's dressed like she's performing at the Grammys. All that's missing is the CĂ©line Dion hand gestures. Time to tune out.

1st Period
• I just saw Prince Fielder steal a base! Seriously!

2nd Period
• I never thought I'd enjoy working on a lawn so much. Why didn't I get into this sooner? Being a grown-up rocks!

3rd Period
• Good thing I tuned back in with 90 seconds left. The Pens scored, sending the game to overtime. Guess I should watch now.

1st Overtime
• Game 5. Series at 3-1. Overtime. Ahhhhh. This game is giving me a case of the Pisanis. So let's go back. To June 14th, 2006. As called by Bob Cole.

And then as called by Mike Emrick.

Still beautiful, isn't it?

• Is NBC using the glow puck in their highlight clips? No. They can't be! Ha! They are! Wow. Wow. Wow. Have they been doing this all along? Anyone? I'll take Mike Emrick over Bob Cole ten times out of ten, but that is just too much. The streak trailing the puck was black, but cmon. We know what that was. It was the FoxTrax.

2nd Overtime
• Pierre McGuire just about lost it on that goaltender interference penalty on the Wings. WHAT IS DAN CLEARY SUPPOSED TO DO, DAMMIT???


• Petr Sykora just tapped on the glass, and told McGuire he was going to score the OT winner. Then he took a penalty on his very next shift. There's a moral in there somewhere.

3rd Overtime
• I just realized that if Detroit wins the Cup tonight, Chelios won't be on the ice. That more exciting than seeing either of these teams hoist Lord Stanley, as far as I'm concerned.

• Oh, no! Not the "Four Minuter" high-sticking penalty!

Strong, muscular legs.

• SYKORA CALLS IT!!! Pens win! BIG goal. HUGE. And there's that moral I was talking about. Universe, YOU'VE BEEN TOLD. Just like in "The Secret." Oprah, Petr Sykora says thanks.

Wow. That was a great hockey game.


Where in the hell are you watching this from that you're getting McFellatio?

I've got the old guy and the kinda old guy on CBC

I'm watching on NBC. I always do. I can't stand Cole, and CBC's production is unreliable, and often terrible.

Well holy shit. No idea that an American broadcaster would actually touch the NHL with a 10-foot pole anymore.

We're making strides folks. Finally.

Oh, and I checked out pensblog from your blogroll on the corner...810 fucking posts on the GDT. How?

It's become a very popular site.

I wasn't internet-friendly during the Oilers cup run. Did LT have that kind of volume?

And why couldn't Fleury play like this for Team Canada?

Did LT have that kind of volume?

During the Oilers run? You'd have to ask him, but I doubt it. He was a relative newbie at that point, if I remember correctly. I'd assume BoA, CiO, mc79hockey, Cosh and SportsMatters were the busiest back then. LT has always had good traffic, but I don't think any of us have ever had a post with 800 comments in it.

Boy oh boy. You could tell the ref didn't want to call a penalty. Very tentative with the arm there.

WTF? Gonchar? Christ they're desperate.

How is Pittsburgh still in this game?


Sykora. Interesting.



Wasn't he begging to remain an Oiler once?

aaron: Begging, no. Wanted to stay with Hemsky though. We wanted Nylander more than Sykora so he made his decision.

Looks to be a good one.

Yeah...good management skills, there. For some reason we're still looking for sniper...

Yeah, Sykora. We don't need a guy like that around these parts huh?

Crosby. Never. Stops.

Hilarious post, m'man.

And according to my records, this will be the first Stanley Cup awarded after the draft.

And according to my records, this will be the first Stanley Cup awarded after the draft.

Huh? The NHL Draft? Isn't it at the end of June?

Mike exaggerates, but only slightly. I think the Draft is something like June 12. They'll still be sweeping confetti off the streets of Detroit when Steve Stamkos is senten--er, drafted by the Lightning.

Aaahh the memory of that goal! I was just talking about it last night to a non-hockey watching friend of of the best memory of the 2006 playoffs by far!

The draft is June 20-21. This series will be over by then.

The draft is June 20-21. This series will be over by then.

I was making a drunken joke about how frickin overlong the playoffs are...

There was something in the air that night, Fernando. Beauty.

Most posts on an Oiler blog is just over 200. AtoY had nearly 1100 last night.

Funny though on the Emrick clip the colour guy refers to Moreau as Stoll.

Maybe Harry Neale was doing the colour? Doesn't sound like him though.

I believe he was saying Staal and commenting on how Staal was being pressured, and how the intended pass to Staal got picked off by Pisani...all because of the dogged Oiler checking.

If Pisani has gotten that tying goal and popped another in OT in game 7...I wonder if he'd be elevated to Godhood in Edmonton by now.

It really still is beautiful.

Most posts on an Oiler blog is just over 200.

We had over 300 the day of the Smyth trade. But yeah, 1100 is crazy. Then again, it's a couple more years in, and more and more people are discovering the sites. I imagine if the Oil made it back to the finals, a couple of the sites would be putting up some big numbers on game day.

I'm just going to suggest that a 100 or so comments on an analytical thread (at say, mc79hockey) is much more notable than several hundred on a gameday thread, due to the level of thought and able expression required, as well as the greater likelihood of having to defend your thoughts from relatively rigorous analysis.

I'll still take Cole anyday. I actually like him. He gets bashed for no good reason. It's become trendy to bash him. He wasn't getting bashed like this in the past.

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