Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Katz gets approval, just not from Edmonton media

The sale of the Oilers to Edmonton billionaire Daryl Katz has been approved by the National Hockey League's Board of Governors. A source said the approval was granted earlier this morning during the governors meeting in New York.
--Dan Barnes, Edmonton Journal

So long, "all-time greatest guys in Edmonton history."

Hello, "elusive pharmaceutical tycoon."

Well, we can see how this narrative is going to be spun for the next little while. Anyway, a big congratulations to Mr. Daryl Katz. Let's hope he can help the Oilers, and the city of Edmonton, win a Stanley Cup. GOILERS!


In fairness, I think the Journal is a little kinder to Katz than the Sun.

Agreed, but the "elusive pharmaceutical tycoon" line is a bit much. He can't be that elusive. People don't become billionaires by hiding. I'd suggest that a better line would be, "man who hasn't found time to talk to sportswriters because he's so damn busy making boatloads of cash."

If only Katz had made a better attempt to laugh at the press corps dumb jokes...

A bit more from TSN.

All hail the new era!

"man who hasn't found time to talk to sportswriters because he's so damn busy making boatloads of cash."


Actually, he's just as "elusive" as any of Edmonton's uber-wealthy crowd (there's more than you think). Its just that the rest of those people are satisfied with owning craploads of land and businesses. Katz just happens to now be dealing with a public and sentimental entity - the Oilers.

Plus, I think what happened with Pocklington influenced the increased anonymity. It just makes things more imperative when you could wipe your ass in the morning with the wealth most of the others have. Not to mention that he has a wife and kids - not sure if I'd be much different in my approach..

Cue dumbass article from Terry Jones in tomorrow's Sun, likely with at least three uses of the term "hostile takeover".

Daryl Katz is looking to be be the first Oilers owner in my lifetime not to issue periodic threats of relocation, veiled or otherwise. He's fucking Jesus until he proves otherwise for that alone.

"He's fucking Jesus until he proves otherwise for that alone."


A five year extension for Shoulder Souray, mayhaps?

And people say that the fans are fickle and hard to win over, Jesus. The press clearly isn't satisfied with pledges to spend money on the team and keep them in Edmonton.




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