Monday, April 14, 2008


Reporter challenges Le GG

This made me chuckle. Via Mirtle, Don Brennan of the Ottawa Sun advocates intentionally injuring Sidney Crosby, and then openly challenges Georges Laraque to call him stupid to his face. Le GG happily obliges (although playfully). I have to say, between Brennan and Bruce Garrioch, the Ottawa Sun is setting new standards in journalistic excellence these days. One guy advocates intentionally injuring people; the other throws out 8,000 trade rumours a week in the hopes that a couple will stick. Are we sure these two ain't just some of those crazy bloggin' types on teh intarweb???

Oh, and don't worry, Neate. You are still aces in our book. For now.


And newspapers are dying for some reason.

Seriously, papers shrink newsrooms and these are the kind of guys they keep?

I don't think most corporate-owned newspapers particularly care if you're picking up their paper because their columnists are outrageous idiots or because they're nuanced, intelligent commentators, and outrageous idiots tend to generate more press and interest.

At least that's how I explain the continued presence of people like this (also Margarete Wente, Lorne Gunter, Michael Coren, John Mackinnon, etc, etc, etc).

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