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"He's going to the hospital to get an ultrasound done on his testicles. It's bad enough they may have to remove one," Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren said. "Right now, we're not sure how serious it is, but there's a chance he may need surgery."

Our best wishes to Patrick Thoresen, who took a shot to the groin tonight in the Flyers/Caps game. I was watching the game, and it was pretty obvious Thoresen was badly hurt. I didn't realize it was this bad, though. To make matters worse (if that is possible), the play wasn't even blown dead when he went down, and Mike Green, who'd taken the initial shot that dropped Thoresen, scored to make it 4-4. The Caps went on to win the game 5-4.

Glove-tap to Mike W. and Heed for the bad news.


Wow. That is a bad situation.

Worst non-fatal, non-blinding hockey injury ever. Ugly to watch. I'm sure every hockey fan hopes he pulls through without needing surgery.

And thank goodness this couldn't happen to any Oiler players--none of them have testicles! (rimshot)

Andy, I was commenting about this on the previous thread as you were adding this post, but I'm wondering if I was the only one who heard Healy's comment about Thoreson staying on the ice?

Ya, I heard it. In his defence,his thoughts might have been clouded by the Kovalev event in 95. Then again, that play worked to his advantage. And he's not incapable of being a jackass. Tough spot, really. If I had been a Caps fan, I would have assumed Thoresen was embellishing.

I have trouble believing that. Healy is the last guy who would engage in an offhand smear of someone's character without really thinking about it.

...oh, sorry, Glenn Healy? Never mind then.

Which dude hasn't been nicked in the balls by the odd tennis ball....

But a frozen puck driven in by a slapshot?

That sounds like an atomic bomb of pain.

canuckfan: It's your bad luck you made that comment in a season your team shit the bed.

Which of course would pretty much any year.

Glenn Healy's name came up on Sportsnet as a serious contender for the Leafs GM job.

Please, please hire him, MLSE, you morons.

A-Bomb indeed, and I'm sure he was wearing a cup. BTW, just to clarify, Andy, I have no problem with the play continuing, or the result. Everyone knows that the play goes until the Flyers get the puck. I just wonder if Healy would have knee-jerked like that if it had been, say Darcy Tucker or Trevor Linden on the receiving end. Either blocking a shot in a playoff game this year is, of course, a blessedly rhetorical exercise.

Oh, the result I meant in the previous comment was the goal, not the 'nad losing.

I always knew Thoresen had balls, but wow.

Worst non-fatal, non-blinding hockey injury ever.

Pretty sure that trophy is in the permanent possession of Clint Malarchuk. If Thoresen loses both balls, we'll talk.

Pretty sure that trophy is in the permanent possession of Clint Malarchuk. If Thoresen loses both balls, we'll talk.

i think that trophy also has richard zednik's name on it as well.

Worst non-fatal, non-blinding hockey injury ever.

Add "non-blood spurting" and you're good.

Add "non-blood spurting" and you're good.

Actually by "non-fatal" I meant to say worst non-life-threatening injury. I agree re: Malarchuk and Zednik.

As for Lowetide: ah, the lovely "shit the bed" metaphor. I wonder which sports commentator was the first to suggest this impeccably perfect image? "Hmm, how to describe the team's performance last night... blew a tire? Too cliche. Wet the bed? Doesn't quite capture it..."

I mean, who actually shits the bed? In real life? Basically babies with loose diapers. Or maybe drug addicts.

The whole concept is disgusting. But I am a little glad to see that the Oilogosphere is as full of intelligent rejoinders as Vancouver talk radio.

I mean, who actually shits the bed? In real life? ... maybe drug addicts.

Lotsa bed-shitting in Van then. I mean, apart from the Canucks.

Here's hoping the Norseman will pull through, and be electric once again.

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He's out of hospital, and appears to be OK, no surgery needed. Good for him, hope to see him back on the ice.

Maybe this is one of those occasions when the european habit of an injured player to immediately start to shed equipment in all directions would have come in handy. It makes it hard for the referee to ignore the player, and considering the distribution of discarded equipment it interferes with the play, resulting in a quicker whistle.

I'd love to have your game pedictions for all upcoming games over at

Anyone catch the clip on TSN where the interviewer asked how Thor's girlfrind felt about his injury and he said "She was glad it wasn't the nuts" in his delightful Norwegian accent.


sez Thoresen: The girlfriend was happy the nuts were allright.


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