Friday, April 04, 2008


Friday Baseball Standings

Jean Lefebvre has the breakdown on what needs to happen for the Flames to face Detroit, San Jose, or Minnesota. For a few good reasons besides the obvious ones (that I may or may not get to in the next couple of days), the Wild are the team you want to be facing. And it's still quite possible: the last time the Avs played a game that was important to them but meaningless for the other team (like Sunday's game vs. Minnesota will be (if the Flames can win tomorrow night)), they lost to the Predators. And that one was at home as well.


No Detroit!

We can, at the very least, win games against San Jose or Minnesota without depending on a truckload of injuries. Things are looking up, thanks to Edmonton and Chicago.

Well, I have to say that as a Canucks fan, today, we win both ways: beat the falmes, and we ensure they will be playing SJ. Lose, and we better our draft position and worsen Anaheim's.

So Oiler fans, which way would you rather have it? I'd rather have draft position myself.

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