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Flames Game Day

Game 2, in San Jose, 8PM MT, CBC.

2005/06 wasn't a very good season for Jarome Iginla. He only had 67 points, and his EV Pts/60 was something like 1.80, which tied him with Radek Dvorak. He had too many games where he didn't make an impact, couldn't create anything, and simply did not stand out like he should.

In Games 2 and 4 of the first-round series vs. Anaheim, though -- where the team had series leads of 1-0 and 2-1 -- he was by far the Flames' best player. By far. Like he was the only guy who really understood the opportunity represented by a W, and the risks represented by an L.

Which is a long way of saying that I'm pretty sure the captain will be doing everything he can think of to impart to the team, by word and by deed, that tonight's game is critical to their chances of winning the series; demands a hellacious effort; and that anything less is suicidal.

Calgary 4 (Iginla, Aucoin, Tanguay, Nolan)
San Jose 2 (Michalek x2)

Go Flames.


A win tonight and I'll upgrade our chances of taking the series to 60%, up from the 30% or so I'd give us right now. A loss, and I'll down-grade that right back to the 10% I had us pegged at coming in.

We got lucky last night... played about as well as we could, but every lucky bounce went our way and only got the win thanks to a poor SJ start and a phenomenal game from Kipper. The 5-on-5 time looked like SJ powerplays. I'm cheering hard, but I won't like our odds until we've got a 2 game lead (or 4 wins :)

What's the scuttlebut on Jarmoe's locker room presence?

He's always struck me as a "lead by example" sort of dude, rather than a speech giver.

I think your impression is correct, though that's the case with a large majority of the captains/veterans in the league. And the word is that the off-ice aim right now is to go for fun & looseness (see: faux-hawks, or as Steve Armitage would say, fro-hawks, though maybe he's referring specifically to Iginla and Boyd). So I'm sure a stirring, this-game-is-critical monologue is not in the cards.

But one way or another, I'm sure he'll get the message across.

Anyone who plays rec hockey can imagine how a Captain-by-the-deed is always preferred over a loudmouth rah-rah guy in the locker room.

.....and precisely why marleau captains the sharks and not roenick.

San Jose's going to be prepared for this one, or Wilson's not doing his job properly. I think they may have underestimated the Flames in G1, and if not for a couple lucky bounces (see: first Flames goal; quick whistle on Mike Grier) Game 1 would have looked drastically different.

Cheechoo and Thornton have to step up their games, to match the effort put forth yesterday by Marleau, Clowe and Grier. Brian Campbell needs to get his head out from between his legs, and remember that it's a contract year for him.

Anyone who plays rec hockey can imagine how a Captain-by-the-deed is always preferred over a loudmouth rah-rah guy in the locker room.

Manic fucking aggression


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Although I agree with those who thought a lot of bounces went Calgary's way last night, Iginla was already impressive. Btw, Campbell wasn't the only goat on the eventual game-winner, 2 other sharks were just staring at the puck instead of taking Yelle on the rebound. (On the other hand, I wasn't sure why Iginla wouldn't have got a penalty for goalie interference).

One thing is clear. If either team wants to have a better chance of winning a second round, they'd better their chances substantially by shortening this series as much as possible. By score-keepers' count: 36 Calgary hits to 41 SJ! And a lot of them were full on, hard hits. I'm no expert on average number of hits per game, but 77 seems like a lot. 13 more than last night's Pitt-Ott (64), 16 more than NJ-NYR (61), & 34 more than Minn-Col (43).

If this series stays like this, and goes 6 or 7 games (as many predict), the winner is going to have a lot of banged-up players.

As a disinterested fan, I have to admit it was fun to watch.

Bill Watters says that tonight is a big game.

They don't pay him enough.

Game 2 is a BIG GAME, Pat. Don't you know that? If the Flames win, they put on the chokehold. If the Sharks win, they are back in it. BIG GAME. BIGGER than Games 3,4,5,6, or 7. At least until those games are up. Then...BIG GAME.

Moral of the story: BIG GAME.

Thanks for the tip, guys. And here I was planning on watching reruns of ER and My Name is Earl instead of the game. Would *my* face have been red!

I would say that Joe Thornton might understand tonight's a big game as well but maybe that's just me.

[Iginla] was by far the Flames' best player. By far.

Agreed. By a country mile.

And I don't know if the Sharks have themselves a Beauchemin on their roster to shockingly outpunch him.

Best of luck to the Calgary Flames tonight.

Huge game! Is that bigger than a big game?

Anyways, full value for the Flames win last night. Without sounding too sportscaster cliche'ish, the Flames best players(Iginla, Kipper) were better than the Sharks best players(Thornton, Nabakov).


I would say that Joe Thornton might understand tonight's a big game as well but maybe that's just me.

he has yet to understand it in his career. maybe this is the year that he finally clues in?

I don't think it was a shock to see Beachemin best Iggy. Jarome is game for the battle but it's not like he's Laraque when it comes to wins and losses.

Heed: No doubt, Joe T didn't look good last night but I'm not one of those guys who nail him for his playoff numbers, either. Horc did a number on him in '06 but Horc's a good player at times as well.

Matt, for one, was talking about how I slammed Lombardi and a big chunk of his numbers came in his rookie year. Well, Thornton once played a whole series with broken ribs so I can delete that series easily. I remember watching it -- because I hate the Habs -- and Thornton shouldn't have played in it.

I don't think it was a shock to see Beachemin best Iggy. Jarome is game for the battle but it's not like he's Laraque when it comes to wins and losses.

It was a shock to me. I think it was Frenchie's second fight in a Ducks' uniform, and maybe the first against a semi-capable fighter.

I'd argue it was a shock to Jarome, too, but that's speculation.

Looks like the Peverley Hillbillies are giving Detroit a game tonight. Excellent. If the Flames don't win the Cup, I'd like Detroit to, but right now, they're standing in the way more threateningly than Nashville. (Or than anyone besides San Jose).

I say Calgary sticks to last night's game plan:

Score two early and hang on for dear life.

By the by, Kipper need to put up the biggest game of the playoffs tonight. Huge, timely, big strong legged, mammoth-sized saves. ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

BIG. Like those enormous muthafucking cheeseburgers you find in greasy spoons in towns where people shop at SAAN, and where if you finish the burger in under an hour you win free food for life.

Tonight, Kipper has to eat San Jose's cheeseburger.

In case any or all of you missed it, Grabia has a nice guest bit at Neate Sager's blog about being at the Jays home opener.

Well, I meant that say it's no surprise to see Iginla being bested in a fight.

Seems Nabokov has chosen to play tonight. Robbery.

Meanwhile in Anaheim Toby Petersen plays in a playoff game.

omg, sarich up on the play !?

Holy shit, this is a big game.


Baumgartner had better be playing in this series, also. If they don't I'm actually cheering for Anaheim. Fucking Dallas, poaching Baumer back from my Moose right before they go to the playoffs.

Best of luck to the Calgary Flames tonight.

Lowetide is the dapper, spats-wearing gentleman of the Oilogosphere. All class.

Meanwhile, I'm already getting whiffs of Flames fans hubris just one game into the series. Some fans never learn...

"Lowetide is the dapper, spats-wearing gentleman of the Oilogosphere. All class."

Individuals of pure class barely get laid. Go Sharks.

Big, big, big, big glove save by Nabby.

Tide turning, Earth shattering, pants shitting BIG.

Scoreboard watching, Stars 2-0 with 2 minutes to go in the first.

scoreboard watching again: Bertuzzi is a monkeyfuck goon pissant who deserves to get run headfirst into the boards. Useless piece of human. I wish the refs had tasers for this specific reason. Selanne and Boucher are love tapping each other, and Bertuzzi jumps Boucher for playing Selanne hard from easily half the rink away.

No doubt I'm a hair sensitive to this, but weren't Lee & Simpson overselling the Sharks' "early jump" by a factor of... several? There was that nice point early when they barely had time amidst all the effusive praise for San Jose's much-better-start to point out that the shots were 4-0 Flames.

Tho I recall from Oil-Wings in '06 that Mark Lee do like his Favourites.

Well, certainly a fine period by the Flames. I imagine there were two big scoring chances apiece and the difference is Cgy put both of their chances on net while the Sharks had Pavelski get his on the cage but Marleau shot his wide.

Cgy's playing with house money so a scoreless opening frame suits them just fine. On the other side, you think you'd see more urgency from SJ but once again the Flames are doing a job on Thornton.

Speaking of that, perhaps the biggest thing Keenan has ever done was lip off pre-series about the officiating and letting the guys play. If hooking and holding become en vogue again, Calgary's well on it's way to a plan for the D zone.

Speaking of the Ducks, anyone catch the piece from the LA Times Helene Elliot where she basically said she doesn't think the Ducks have the hunger to repeat? I'm not saying I haven't thought that myself but I was shocked that a beat writer would put it in print.

Mark Lee also totally lost the play on the Sarich chance and later on he called Iginla a powerhorse.

Mark Lee is the heights of junk.

I don't know if there's a contractual obligation or not but I've always wondered why upon completion of the regular season, CBC just doesn't hire one of the PBP guys from a team that's been eliminated.

The Isles guy, Howie Rose I believe, would be a good choice for sure.

Kippers achilles heel shows itself. Mammoth saves, and then a stinker...
Ps. Bertuzzi rocks, hes a throwback to the old days.

For anyone that dislikes the Ducks, this Stars/Ducks game has been great so far! Anaheim carries the play until they take a penalty and then Dallas scores. Three PP goals in 25 minutes!

three in the box, three on the ice. damn it!

it was only a matter of time. seemed like half the period was on the PK. Oh, how I hate the Sharks.

Seriously. Ducks penalty. Five seconds. PP goal. 4-0. It's hilariously beautiful.

Bertuzzi is a monkeyfuck goon pissant who deserves to get run headfirst into the boards. Useless piece of human. I wish the refs had tasers for this specific reason. Selanne and Boucher are love tapping each other, and Bertuzzi jumps Boucher for playing Selanne hard from easily half the rink away.

agreed. he should have let those two ladies continue their purse fight.

Well, I imagine all the Shark lovers are quite pleased with the officiating in this game, eh? Fuck, what a joke.

Bad 1st goal by Kipper.

Sarich is having about his best game as a Flame, so far.

Flames are due for some serious PP time in the 3rd, so it's not out of reach yet.

I think watching Ron Maclean desperately trying to hide the fact that he's a secret Flames fan is my favourite playoff tradition.

That was just about the most pathetic period I've hockey I've ever watched in its entirity.

Outside of the call on Iginla, every other call was deserved. I said this before Maclean but the Flames got off with a lot of stuff in G1 and it all seemed to come home to roost in that second period.

Amazing period by Kipper, though. That's the reason you're always wary of playing Cgy.

PJ Stock is the worse thing to happen to Canadian television since the advent of the "Gotta Skate" series.

Thornton dropped awfully hard on that Vandermeer mini-slash, but his timing was impeccable.

That slash on Thornton was a poor call. Seriously, I don't think it gets called unless the Friendly Giant goes ass over tea kettle and lays there on the ice.

It was a slash, but not a penalty. Not at that point in the game, with everything else that had gone before.

Simpson sounds like a Flamer fan too now. He's overselling!

LT: I don't really go with "not at that point in the game" stuff because if you're the new NHL and you're blowing your horn about calling stick fouls, you're calling Vandeermeer choking up on Thornton.

And the Huselius 'hook' is a pretty good stick lift most times, in most games.

Yeah, I've changed my mind: I don't think they should call any penalties:)

Whoa, Calgary is lucky that sniper only clipped Phaneuf.

Maybe if the Flames don't want to be on the PK they should keep their sticks on the ice ;)

They almost got out of that period, and this is probably their game if they do....

Instead SJS is off to the races, even with Kipper playing out of his mind.

And don't look now, but Calgary has about 30 shots to SJ's 60 midway through the 3rd of G2...

I understand that any time a Can team makes the playoffs -- or plays on HNIC at any time of the year for that matter -- the on-air guys are gonna play homer. I mean, that's why Albertans hate the Leaves, right?;)

But just how much did it take to buy Craig Simpson?

For fucksakes, first he slams Thornton for embellishing a fall and then he praises Ugly for doing the same thing.

I hope MacT just sent him a text: Next time you want to fuck up someone's PP, don't bother calling.

I guess Nabakov felt he had a point to prove.

Holy shit.

Is there something going on where Lee simply can't see the Sharks end? He was just as lost on the save on Nolan as he was on the one earlier on Sarich.

BTW, I think Huselisis, whatever:D, was the first guy to ever both break his ankles And shit his pants in his successful attempt to avoid the big hit from Cheechoo.

Also, not really impressed with Campbell thus far. Flames have him spooked from carrying the puck and creating on the rush.


It's a series now, for sure.

Fucking playoffs, eh?

Wow. What a save. Lordy.

Dennis: I thought Simpson would be such an interesting resource for Oilers fans when he went into the broadcast booth, but he seemed to take his cues from Hughson so they don't really offer any insight.

Meanwhile Hrudey is saddled with Oake and sooner or later Scott Oake is going to get a pitchfork to the ass in some small town on the prairies.

THAT would make a nice Kraft contest next winter.

Dennis, I think you're forgetting the 5 or 6 times he did this in the Edm/Det series. He just is that bad.

And are these goalies playing horse against each other or something? They're just continually trying to outdo each other. This is one of the best goaltended games I've ever seen.


Gotta suck to be a Flames fan and know they wasted this effort ;)

And Mark Lee is teh suck. Or did someone tell him he is calling the game for Hockey Night in San Jose?

Great save by Nabokov. Like, holy crap.

And I saw nothing tonight to change my mind that Calgary can compete with San Jose. They just need to take less penalties. In a special teams game, Calgary loses far more often than they win.

Yeah, I thought the Flames carried the play at EV but the difference is they spent so much time in the box. And of course some of those penalties came at EV;) Seriously, though, I thought SJ had more chances to score at EV in G1 then they did in G2.

But overall it's evened out and that seems right.

Interested to see how a young SJ plays in Cgy and if they perhaps settle down and play better on the road. I saw young Vlasic pinch twice in the last 10 min of a game where his team lead by two goals and I'm wondering what the hell's going on. And, fuck, let's be honest here: Cheechoo has to do something sometime if this team's gonna have any legs. The Grier line is out there banging and keeping the puck low and they're doing their job. Marleau is creating chances and Clowe's a big body but what's missing is Cheechoo giving Thornton the primo passing option.

On the other side, Flames are certainly up for the battle and are having some impressive stretches on the forecheck. The D gets thin after the top pairing though and Vandermeer's weak for that role.

LT: Yes, that would be an awesome contest:)

Oake said he worked here at CHMR, local university radio station, but I'm not sure if he's from here or he just went to MUN because it was so cheap and the women were so loose.

Can't fault the the guy either way. says

EV shots: SJ 21 CGY 16
PP shots: SJ 21 CGY 4
(SH 1 each)

I'm right with Subversive et al who don't see any reason to be afraid of the Sharks. But aside from the penalty differential (discipline, whatever), let's not overlook that the Flames PP was TEH SUCK tonight. 4 shots in 6:20 is pretty meh, and not much in the way of actual chances either.

Anyway, even entirely setting aside the reffing, which I thought was dubious, but well short of awful: the Sharks got paid back from G1, if not more, in good bounces tonight. The Nabby saves on Sarich & Nolan, and the bounce off the backboard that led to Pavelski's 1-0 goal, stand out in particular.

Also, HP Pavilion needs to do a public service announcement for their fans explaining how the delay of game penalty works. It's actually embarrassing to hear so many in the arena hoot when the puck flies over the glass on deflections, in the offensive end, etc.

Series is tied up at one. Next game is a BIG GAME.

Pretty awesome effort by Kipper on the PK. BIG effort. In a HUMUNGOUS game.

But Nabokov took a BIG bite outta Calgary's cheeseburger tonight.

My favourite line of the night was "Yelle scored two BIG goals in the first game".

Also, Simpson has all the personality and delivery of Hans Moleman.

I think this game has shown, oddly enough, that the series is Calgary's to lose. Of course, it also shows that Calgary CAN lose it. But the lesson is that even when San Jose should be dominating, they can't get it done. So if they stumble, they Flames will take advantage.

There's no reason to think that the penaly parade will continue like that. Hooking and tripping penalties are a sign of a defence getting beat. Crosschecking, slashing, and roughing, not to mention holding by the goaltender, are all undisciplined penalties that should disappear.

The faceoff split, 40-23 in San Jose's favour, isn't going to be repeated. Considering that the split was due almost entirely to EV faceoffs (23-12), bringing that back down to a 50% rate will greatly increase our scoring chances.

The shots are unlikely to . . . no, wait, nevermind. San Jose IS going to outshoot us every night. But Nabokov isn't going to be perfect every night. Most nights, 20+ shots will give us 2 goals, and maybe more.

In the Sharks favour, their 1 for 10 PP isn't likely to stay that bad. But even taking that into account, I like our chances. We're the underdogs, coming home with a 1-1 series tie. We played a lousy game, yet kept it competitive. Our mistakes are simple to fix. (ie, Don't Crosscheck!) We've seen San Jose where they're strongest, the PP, and matched up with them.

The only way San Jose will win this series is if we hand it to them.

Just wouldn't be a Flames Game Day Thread without:
- Peter whining about a homer in the booth for the other team. I agree that Mark Lee is, uh, teh suck...but, when you have a steady diet of Millions going ga-ga for Iggy and Phanny all year, *anyone* else is going to sound like a homer for the other team.

- Falmes fans attributing the other team's big saves to nothing more than getting the bounces. Kipper's stops? Nah, those are simply a great goaltender at work. For Nabokov though, he's just getting the bounces. It's an interesting world Flames fans live in. :-P

Oh, the fun of a Falmes GDT. Too bad there's only about another week of them left this season. Enjoy 'em while you can.

Nabokov was great. I don't think it disrespects him at all to say that Nolan's save in particular requires good fortune (if Nolan shoots it higher, lower, or over a bit, it's in, yes?).

I mean, I know I'm always blabbing on about Kipper making big saves at timely times, but he's different. :)

let's not overlook that the Flames PP was TEH SUCK tonight. 4 shots in 6:20 is pretty meh, and not much in the way of actual chances either.

Yeah, their PP was terrible tonight, and while it's not as good as San Jose's, it's also not as bad as it looked tonight. Regardless, a game with 10 total PIM would suit me much better than 25+ like last night.

I agree that Calgary doesn't look as outplayed as the shot total shows. The Sharks, as expected, are generally controlling the boards, and are much faster. But I'm impressed with how well the Flames seem to be controlling the box between the hash marks. SJ isn't penetrating there with great ease, and a lot of shots are from the perimeter w/o a lot of screening. And, I can't remember one EV cross-ice pass like the ones to Sarich, Iginla, and Nolan, which Nabokov made unbelievable saves on.

Yup, Lee isn't great, but what a homer Simpson is--twice now, on their 2nd goals in both games, the Sharks score and instead of talking about how they finally swarmed the net, he only talks about Kipper's powerful legs. Almost Crosbusoff-esque.

On the whole, a great series developing. As an outsider (well, pulling a bit for SJ), it's just great hockey. I saw a bit of the Mon-Bos game--what a snoozer.

Mark Lee has now been a part of 2 of my favorite "exchanges" during a game.

#1 - Oilers vs. Flames, Feb 9. Mark Lee discusses how the Flames staff was given the assignment on why the Wings are such a good team, staff comes back with the findings a)they shoot from anywhere, and b)the contsantly pressure the puck carrier. Mark Lee then turns to Greg Millen and says, "Which of these 2 teams looks like the Wings tonight Greg?" Millens response "umm....neither?"

And from last night, Steve Armitage with his Roenick 500th goal peice - Armitage "only thing is, Jeremy still doesn't know what he'll do with that peice of glass", Mark Leee deadpans "probably hang it in his family room Steve"

You just can't write that stuff

i think once you get used to millions and simmer, anything short of the broadcast team giving kipper and phaneuf hand jobs between periods is considered a bias towards the other team.

i can't wait to see the sea of conformity in game 3.

Just because it was that good, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the save of the decade:

Christ almighty that was something else.

Tonight, Kipper has to eat San Jose's cheeseburger.

He tried, but Nabokov drank his milkshake. He drank it up.


Scott Oake, born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is a Canadian sportscaster for CBC Sports.

Oake was a pre-med student at Memorial University who volunteered at the campus radio station. After part-time work at CBC St. John's, he was hired full-time in 1974.

So the dick at CBC and the guy who re-attached John Wayne Bobbit's, both were MUN med's that for 6 degrees of seperation!

Yeah, I think Millions calls things right down the middle so I won't continue to stand by and let him be criticized!!

I also agree with the guy who said this is the Flames series to lose. Calgary is clearly the better team.

You can read about that and other things in the new book entitled, "Things that simply aren't true."

Seriously, though, Flames got away with a tonne of hooking and holding in the first game and then they didn't get away with things in the second. Matt's right when he says it's close at evens but no matter what Keenan wants, some of the game is going to be played on ST as well.

This is a bit of a tangent but people calling themselves "pre-law" or "pre-med" students is a real pet peeve. You're a fucking arts or science student. Get over yourself already.

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