Friday, April 11, 2008


The Enemies List

Cosh takes a look at who Oilers fans like least.


And Vancouver doesn't make the list?


Does the Dallas thing come from all those first round matchups a while back?

And is it just coincidence that the teams the Oilers love to hate are two big oil towns?

And is it just coincidence that the teams the Oilers love to hate are two big oil towns?

Dallas isn't really an oil town.

Dallas isn't really an oil town.


Its all a dream Bobby.

I'm definitely on board with Dallas.

And honestly I dislike Vancouver more then I do Calgary. Don't know why. I think so may of their players are dicks.

Ryan Malone with an absolutely ginormous goal.

Anyone watch the Caps game? Great hockey game. Too bad they have Cooke on their roster.

Speaking of watching the games tonight, did you hear about Patrick Thoresen?

Took a slapshot into his testes and the guy may have surgery to remove one of them.

Sweet Christ. The poor guy.

off topic...

thoreson plays his first nhl playoff game...he may lose a testicle...

the hockey gods are cruel bastards sometimes.

here's hoping you come out of this with your health (if not both of your...well you know). get well soon patrick.

Couldn't even lift his legs to get into the bench door...


If anyone was watching that game, Glenn Healy was wondering why Thoreson was rolling around on the ice. He came pretty close to accusing him of dramatizing the injury. Jackass.




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