Tuesday, April 01, 2008


BofA Gains New Meaning

Well, with the Flames being docked points by Colin Campbell's increasingly bizarre Wheel of Justice, the Oilers now only need to leapfrog one of the Canucks or Predators.

Hattip to Scarlett for the image.

With half of the Flames sitting in the pressbox for this one, I see the Oil pulling out a massive 6-2 victory.

Penner, Gagne x 3, Cogs x 2
Iggy pots two for the Flames -- assuming he isn't one of the cheaters.


Well done! Very well done!

And it even says Jarmoe in the caption! Ha!

Aw jeez, don't give your OWN PEOPLE false hope; that's not cool. Give the ENEMY false hope.

Nicely done, though.

I always knew those bastards were cheaters! ;)

If 5 of the Flames are users then how many others are there.....

Hey..wait a minute.

I hate Fools Day.
I was already updating the standings.
Harping on my expectations, it's not fair!

Wow. You had me for about 30 seconds there. Awesome.

Sheer Brilliance, but as soon as I saw "Baikal" in the URL in front of TSN.ca part, I knew something was afoul!

Do they have April Fools Day in Siberia?

Ha! You totally had me going. Awesome.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I think the lame fire-themed pun in the TSN header is what really makes the ruse.

Indeed. If you do a google search on "Flames Doused" you will find at least 10 (and probably way more) actual articles from the Edmonton Journal, Vancouver Sun, Colorado Herald, etc. It is classic.

Amusingly, the "Jarmoe" business is TSN's mistake, not my addition.

It looks like Stabmonton is getting a run for there money


Matt, you should be ashamed of your people.

Never mind that, you know who else is trying to outdo Edmonton in the stabbing department? EDMONTON! Can you believe the fucking nerve?

You had me for precisely 1.2 seconds. Oh what glorious seconds those were.

Wow. Steroids jokes?

Imagine if it was about the MLB...

Wow. Steroids jokes?

Imagine if it was about the MLB...

True. I should have had more of the CinO dinktease/dadhumper variety.

Sac, I didn't notice the URL and realize that you created the prank, not TSN.

That's brilliant!

If Jarmoe Invisibla shows up tonite the falmes are in trouble, but if he comes to play like he normally does at Rexall the Oil are in trouble. Note to all oil fans, dont miss this one as it could be the only "playoff" game we see all year!

Aww good ol' North London. Used to live in Seven Sisters and Turnpike Lane. That article sure brought back some good memories.

Lovely neighbourhoods up around Edmonton.

It sucks that they miss the playoffs, but bust a deal, face the wheel.

Oh my gosh. That was great. An evil horrible and cruel joke...but great nonetheless.

If 5 of the Flames are users then how many others are there.....

On the Flames? None. What else can explain the poor performance of the rest of the team?

Oh, god, you had me for about 14 seconds. Would that it were true!




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