Saturday, March 15, 2008


Wheel in the Sky

Chris Pronger gets suspended after all. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Video at Covered in Oil. Good analysis from Earl Sleek and Tom Benjamin. The Colin Campbell Wheel of Justiceā„¢ is more Matt's wheelhouse than mine, so I'll leave any deeper thoughts on this to him. Me, I just wanted an excuse to link to some Journey!!!


pronger kicks ass, i wish he still played for the oilers.

where's the spoiler spirit of a couple of days ago?

Go Oilers Go!


Look kids a guy actually singing without a backing track....

And the spOilers keep on rolling. Even if we have to pretty much go 10-0 (or maybe 9-1) to make it...let's just say schadenfreude is a good way to keep warm during the long, cold spring to follow.

Well, that, and rediscovering my old, pre-Todd Marchant, allegiance to the Habs. (My mom's a native Montrealer, so I'm allowed.)

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