Tuesday, March 11, 2008


We're Gonna Be Big Stars

I just realized I haven't watched an Oilers hockey game since the Battle of Alberta/Hockey Day in Canada game on February 9th. I think Sam Gagner was four at the time. The Oilers have gone 8-4 since then I stopped paying attention. Does this mean I should carry on not watching? Probably. Will I watch tonight anyway? Probably.

Prediction: If the team from Edmonton is still called the "Oilers," and the team from St. Louis is still called the "Blues," then put me down for an "Oilers" victory. 3-2. Goals by David Oliver, Micah Aivazoff and Freddy "Makes me wetty" Olausson.

And hey, has anyone else heard that "Mr. Jones" song yet? The lead singer is some white dude with dreadlocks, but damn is the song ever catchy. I recommend picking up the cassette single from your nearest Music World.


Man that is the archetypal 1990s music video: the red and blue gelled lighting, lens flares, and of course, the REM-inspired emotive tableaus.

That decade kind of sucked, come to think of it.

I know what you mean, Grabia. I think I stopped watching when Horc went out, then they started semi-sorta rocking, then I watched parts of four of the last five or six games, and they've generally been pretty good. It's weird.

I didn't actually intend to stop watching them. It just sort of happened.

Oh, great. I have to pick the game that Magoo is reffing.

Oh, great. I have to pick the game that Magoo is reffing.

I take it all back. WOOT!!!

3 fucking nothing ... a blender reference.. the stars are aligned

My Lord, Hemsky is just humiliating the Blues tonight.


And just like that, we have a ball game.


Wake up, Stoll!

Ah, there's my Edmonton Oilers. 3-3.

they r playing to our master plan

Yup. Overtime yet again.

Cogs for mayor

Cogliano. Again. Wow. WOW. WOW.

Cogs for mayor

Watch yourself. You know this is Mayor Pisani country. :)

Well that was pretty fucking cool!

3 OT winners by a rookie. Has that even been done before???

Never mind a rookie - has it ever been done by anyone? I would say no.

If they ever went to 4 on 4 permanently Cogliano would be a Hall of Famer.

Well, I'd say its the combination of Gagner, Cogliano and Nilsson. Jesus those three are turning into money.

An 18 year-old rookie that looks like he'll hit 50 points?

3 SUCCESSIVE OT goals by a rookie.

Magic Junior.


Cogs is, like, the Vice-Pisani.

Come on, Cogs is way better than Pisani. Wow 3 OT winners in a row....wicked!

Black Dog: TSN is reporting that Cogliano's 3 consecutive OT winners in fact is an NHL record.

Cogs is, like, the Vice-Pisani.

That is so brilliant. Glossary add!!!

anon 2 - figured as much

anon 1 - when Cogs scores 14 goals or better in a playoff run then we can start talking about him and Fernando in the same sentence; I'm not complaining about the kid - he's terrific - but there's 4 on 4 OT winners and then there's G5 SH OT winner when your team is down 3-1.

As we say in Riderville ...


... shame on you!

As we say in Riderville ...

Oh. I thought it was "back up the manure truck"?

How's Kerry Joseph, by the way?

"As we say in Riderville ..."

- So what if she's my cousin.

- Where'd y'all get them perdy teeth?


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