Saturday, March 22, 2008


Tra la la la la I can't hear you.

After 3.5 legs, an incredible 9 of the 10 games in the Plausible Prediction have fallen the right way. Sadly, the single exception was a killer. The Canucks apparently have the Oilers by the short hairs this season.

But, never fear. The Oil aren't out of it yet. We are just back to chasing only one team: Colorado*.

With two games left against the Avs and 5 points back, things are not entirely bleak.

With two games remaining against each of the Avs, Flames, Wild, plus one against the Canucks, things are not entirely rosy.

If you haven't already pulled out your sweater, now is the time.

* I'm excluding Nasville here because they suck.


Really early game on CBC today, by the way. 1 p.m. start time. Crazy.


Oilers were even nice to send this season ticket holder a reminder that the game is at 1 pm. What a great organization! :)


"Mandel will unveil his plans Tuesday as part of his outline for a 30-year vision for downtown. The report on a downtown arena will also be released that day."

I know it's not related to this post, but thought it was related to all the great work you've been doing on this Andy. It's buried a bit, but it's there.

Now back to the Oilers improbable (impossible?) run to the playoffs. Looks like Foote is out, and Forsberg is doubtful. I am not sure whether that's good news or bad news considering they belittled the Oilers last game without either.

So who's the Oiler killer today? Arnason, Sakic (needs one assist for a thousand) or Smyth?

I hope none are, and that Pisani bags a 'trick. if only to make the Saint rise for what surely is his weekend. Well that and it might make Grabia weep.


As far as I'm concerned, this is the Oilers' last chance. They lose, and they're done. Seven back with seven to go is as close to done as you can get without having one team tank and the other team run the table.

Besides, if they screw the pooch today, they frankly don't deserve the playoffs. Not if you can't win when the stakes are this high.

Agreed on both counts, Doogie.

I pulled out the Whalers jersey, and haven't shaved all week. I'm ready.

Wooohooo what a freakin' wild game. Probably the wildest game I've ever been to? Yikes boys....come on!! 3 pts back now!

It was a beauty. The Minny games make me super nervous, though.

It was a beauty. The Minny games make me super nervous, though.

Is it possible to be an Oilers fan and not be nervous about a game?

Great game. Hemmer was on fire. Crazy 3rd period, especially the 7th goal! :)

Updated 2008 Playoff Predictor for anyone thats interested

knamely lacked: I'm pretty sure every post is really a post about the arena, deep down inside.

I would almost be happy if Colorado got knocked out by the spOilers. Better would be Nashville getting in. I'm not really feeling much NW pride right now.

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