Sunday, March 23, 2008


Golden Bears Make Final

The University of Alberta Golden Bears have backed into a berth in the 2008 University Cup Finals, after getting some help from the McGill Redmen. More here and here. The Bears opponents will be the University of New Brunswick Varsity Reds, the defending CIS champions and #1 ranked team in the nation. The game will be broadcast live on Sportsnet and The Team 1260, starting at 5:00 p.m. MST.

Prediction: 4-2, Bears, in a fantastic hockey game. Stanley, Gimblett and Woolger (x2) with the goals.



Gah. It kills me that the Bears made it into the final and the Huskies didn't. The Dogs had three posts and a dozen great scoring opps against the Reds yesterday, and couldn't buy a goal :(

Guess it's time to cheer for beer! :)

It kills me that the Bears made it into the final and the Huskies didn't.

The way the Bears manhandled them two weeks ago, it wouldn't have mattered anyway. :)

Since I don't know these things, is it possible for Alberta and Calgary to duke it out in the final? I think that'd be grand, especially since the Dinos are no longer the Bears' bitch. (At least, not totally.)

"Guide us on in battle gory, to a new and greater glory!" (insert Hurrah)

Saying that line in Students' Council chambers always made me irk a bit... place it together with Univ Athletics, and I'll bring a bearclaw!

Tied at two after two.

Exciting stuff.

From watching the Bears over the years, I'd say tied at the end of two isn't so good for the other guys.
The Bears usually get stronger as the game goes.

I must say, playing Manitoba wouldn't prepare you for UNB.
They are a very nice team.

13 and counting
Go Bears

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