Thursday, March 13, 2008


Flames Game Night

Flames @ Thrashers, 5PM MT, RSN West

I've decided against pussyfooting around and worrying about hubris and karma...

The Thrashers are probably the worst team in the NHL at the moment (if not this whole season), and I expect the Flames to outplay them handily. Barring a heroic performance by Lehtonen or a horrendous performance by CuJo (or Kipper? No word yet...), the Flames should win, and if they don't, I'll be very disappointed and more than a little concerned.

I'd love to see Moss back in the lineup -- Primeau is not getting it done at either end. Also, while I don't have anything bad to say about Vandermeer, lately he's looking less like the steal of the Trade Deadline (Week) and more like what was reasonable to expect in the first place: a slightly better option than Warrener or Eriksson.

Calgary 5 (Iginla, Tanguay, Moss, Phaneuf, Conroy)
Atlanta 1 (Eric Vail)

Go Flames.


I've had the same thoughts re: Vandermeer recently. He's looked decidedly ordinary the last couple of games. However, asyou say, he's still superior to the other options...

Wayne Primeau can skate and shoot...huh? I'm kind of suprised he didn't just drop the puck and hook somebody.

Well, there's the terrible period out of the way.

Both teams look awful. I've seen better scrimmages.

Start worrying.

Well, at least Cuo is playing well.


Matt, there's no doubt the Flames are an infinitely better team than the Thrashers. But if you go around almost poking the hockey gods saying "I'm not touching you! I'm not touching you!", they're going to punch you in the face.

Flames lose to Thrashers, Kovalchuk bags four points and helps me stretch my lead in the office pool.

The night is off to a GOOD start....

I'd just like to point out that I predicted a regular time loss for the Flames tonight in my predictor.

It is all coming together.

hahaha the Lames lost to Atlanta. How embarrassing!

Just like the author called it.

To echo a sentiment from CinO earlier today:


[bursts into tears]

Start worrying.
March 13, 2008 7:21 PM

genius, MG. as always.

How many times did the Oilers pass on Charapanov? It seems that any weak team with a Russian can own da Flames.

... and I think we passed on Cherepanov too :P

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