Monday, March 10, 2008


Flames Game Night

STL @ CGY, 730PM MT, RSN West. (Also tonight: VAN @ LAK.)

If you want to pinpoint a particular game where the Flames' season started going right, it's probably the last home game against the Blues. I remember being in the car for quite a while the afternoon of the game, and the various hosts and commenters were just unbelievably down on the team.

That night, they allowed a goal in the first minute, were being outshot 8-0 a few minutes in, and then just beat the bejeezus out of the Blues by every conceivable measuring stick from there on out.

Perhaps tonight's game will be something similar, and in 3 weeks we'll look back and see that this was the beginning of a really solid run that put away the division. For what it's worth, I think it's quite possible. Calgary 4 (Iginla x3, MossTanguay) St. Louis 0. Go Flames.

P.S.: Do you know what [Jason LaBarbera injury in a 20-team fantasy league] + [no more Kings-Flames games] + [plenty of L.A. spoiler possibilities] + [a desperation fantasy goalie pickup] equals? Me being the biggest Dan Cloutier fan in the world west of Salmon Arm for the next 4 weeks. Go Kings!


I was about to write a congratulatory post to Huselius . . . but Langkow got the goal apparently.


West of Salmon Arm? Whatcha doin' over there?

Big !WOOT! for Iggy. Brings a tear to me eye, boys.

Wow, an hour on the C-Train can work wonders! Huselius AND Lombardi? Anyone want to take bets on Hale with the empty net.

Are you in Chase? Not much happening in Chase in mid-March given the fruit stands a closing.

P.S. Erik Ersberg is the Kings new goalie of the present.

East of Salmon Arm. East. I was under pressure, the game was starting, the sun was in my eyes, what can I say.

Also, nice saves by Cloutier in the 1st period. Go Danny!

Anyone want to take bets on Hale with the empty net.

Nilson from Godard, seems about as unlikely.

Ryan Kesler is the Canucks new captain of the present.

That's a Phaneuf-Dowbiggin link for the Flames fans who visit this blog. I posted it over at HF so read the thread and it's pretty much all there.

I didn't see a post about it here so I imagine no one here heard about it or that Dowbiggin hasn't written about it yet.

That's a Phaneuf-Dowbiggin link...

So, Dowbiggen is implying that the large ego of a single player is enough to bring the entire team down? What a compelling argument. You could say the same about Chris Pronger. Oh, wait...

Stupid Cloutier.

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