Saturday, March 29, 2008


Battle Night

Huge game tonight. BIG. HUGE. REALLY BIG. GARGANTUAN. MONSTER. HUGE. BIGGGGGGGG. The Oilers need to win every game outright, and hope for some breaks (I'm looking at you, Mr. I-Like-To-Get-Pulled guy in Vancouver).

I haven't had time to photoshop Greg Millen on a donkey, so the following pictures will have to do. There was a mighty conglomeration of Oiler bloggers at the Wheat Sheaf in Toronto last evening. Pat McLean, Mike Winters, Chris Boutet, Tyler Dellow, Alana Pentney and myself were all in attendance, along with the Mighty Matt Fenwick and some beautiful non-blogging peeps. Why in Toronto, you say? It has to be in Toronto.

Chris! and Burger! in happier times.

Matt Fenwick kindly being handed a beer. Two hours later he was stabbed with the broken empty.

My crotch. You're welcome, ladies.

Craig MacTavish showing the boys how to blow a lead with 5.9 seconds left in the game. Actually, I blame the bar for this one. With about seven minutes left in the game, The Doors "The End" started playing over the speakers. With about three minutes left, it became apparent that the overwhelming gloom and paranoia of the song was affecting both us and the team. With about a minute left in the game, Pat started butchering a bull, and all hell broke loose. The horror...the horror.

Tyler explaining to the Alana the statistical merits of never, ever, ever again playing Dwayne Roloson in the shootout.

An inconsolable Mike Winters begins his post-loss lycanthropic transformation.

Thankfully, the infamous "Dellowian back hump" and "Stairway to Heaven" air drum solo revert Mike back to his human form. Other than the aforementioned shanking and bull sacrifice, all make it home safe to their beds.

Soft core porn. In a public drinking house, of course.

Prediction: 7-3, Oilers. Fuck it. San Pisani scores all ten. GOILERS!!!!!

Bonus picture: Northstars pimp hat!!!


This one is on Roli.
He makes or breaks this game.


Gotta love that powder blue Seals jersey.

Why was everyone in Toronto?

If I had known, I'd have tried to show up. But then again, maybe that's why I didn't know. ;)

Soft core porn.

Western Canada, just one of the highly sophisticated delights of Toronto living: CHUM TV's Friday night Blue Movies.

I don't think I can actually say why we were there yet, but when I can I'm calling you first, Dave. :)

So, if the Oilers finish ahead of the Canucks in the standings, can Vancouver fans start complaining about how we screwed ourselves out of the Stamkos lottery?


Go Flames?

"This one is on Roli."

It was last night too. And we all know how that turned out.

Is there a statistic out there called "Never, ever, ever, ever, no fucking way ever should Roli be in a shootout ever a-fucking-gain!!!"?

Seriously. With Garon we'd have at least 3 more points in the can by now.

Iginla gets #50, Phaneuf gets a PP goal, and Regehr fucks up Hemsky more times than Hemsky fucks up Regehr.

Calgary wins 3-2. Go Flames.

Hey, now that I'm out east, I can see those commercials everyone is always complaining about! I just saw the casino one. Excellent. Where's the Ghomeshi? Give me the Ghomeshi!!!

Why was everyone in Toronto?

If I had known, I'd have tried to show up. But then again, maybe that's why I didn't know. ;)

Yes, why were the Flames bloggers not made aware of this?

Wait, are you guys still here?

Please tell me you're gettign these Jian Ghomeshi "Q" ads.

I'm worried that this may only be a "treat" for us webcast viewers.

The man is a human twerp.

Yup. I see no Ghomeshi commercials. Are you sure you just don't have hallucinations of him?

Are you sure you just don't have hallucinations of him?


Yeah I know the Ghoshemi ads but I never see them when I watch the game.

The change in Pat's demeanour from photo 2 to photo 5 is fucking awesome.

Hey Pat, did you win your game?

I have to say, I now understand the "eastern bias" thing a bit more now. I'm friggin' tired, and I'm a hundred years younger than Al Strachan.

PItkanen is hurt again? Le sigh.

Wait, are you guys still here?

I'm here. Matt fled after the game ended last night. His life was at risk.

andy - I'll give you details later - there is a synopsis on the thread at LT's thread

Ben's a winger right? Well, we had a rent a goalie and Ben would have done a better job for us.

I can't believe I'm still up. I'm an idiot - oh well, all in now.

Yeah, great photo essay Andy. It does appear as if multiple pints turn the mildmannered Pat McLean into Raging Guy.


The Ghomeshi commercials are just the douche cherries on some of the most horrible commercials. They wouldn't be too bad if CBC didn't show only the same 6 commercials ad nauseum over and over again...apparently the concept of actually having a non CBC commercial on to them is anathema.

"People wonder what Q is...", no we don't, we wonder how shit like that continues to exist.

'The Hour' commercials and Georgie boy aren't all that much better either.

Also I need to not post so much without proofreading first and especially not with a few beers in me.

Mike W has the worst hair i've ever seen...

Drat, Joni's got a groin injury. Man that guy is fragile. He's getting into Moreau territory!

Mike, your mom is trolling the site again...

Drat, Joni's got a groin injury. Man that guy is fragile. He's getting into Moreau territory!

Not even close, 6 odd games out of 164 is better than vintage late 90's Koivu territory.

Pitkanen isn't quite there yet, but he does worry me.

What the hell??? Our season is going to end with a goal like that? Cmon. That shit ain't right.



I hate the Flames. They cannot do anything right.

What a stupid game.

Denis Denis!

Parting of the Red Sea there - that was fucking weird.

As for Lombardi's goal - um, yeah.

Mike W has the worst hair i've ever seen...

Yep, it's true. I desperately need a haircut.

Thanks, Anonymous!


I hate the Flames. They cannot do anything right.

Whaddya mean? They beat the Canucks on Tuesday. :)

Ahhhh Russians are goood!!!!

I'll say this about the Islanders, they sure can draft 'em...if nothing else haha.

That tripping miss balances out the missed blatant slash on Nilsson.

And wow, Glencross hold off 2 Flames in a board battle and it takes 3 of them to finally touch the puck for the penalty.


I think that was a big goal.


Also I love Penner. He keeps this up and I don't mind his contract at freaking all.

Also a nice pass by Gilbert on the rush and an even nicer play by Hemsky to take it on his skate midair to his stick.

Nice dive, Yelle. Did Floppa teach you that one in Colorado?

Fun Fact: Dustin Penner eats 3 Dairy Queen cheeseburgers before every shift.


Good one.

I smell a Flames' PP coming though.

Fernando - so many chances.

I thought Owen Nolan died?

Stoll. Go through the man when you're trying to clear the puck.


How drunk were you last night? We called him that all night long.

Glencross has been fantastic tonight.

I was pretty drunk. My hearing is also terrible.

I remember that vaguely though. I thought it was funny then too.

Is it just me or are the Flames falling all over the ice a whole lot tonight?

And other than that stinker by Lombardi, Rollie is having a helluva steady game tonight.

A lot of guys have been great. The D has been terrific. Grebeshkov, Gilbert and Greene have all been solid.

Cmon boys. Hold the fort, here.

Bad icing by Stortini


Uggh. Way too long in our own end here.

Man oh man.

Wow, MacT is really giving Greene big responsibility.

And he's doing ok.

And I thought Stoll was supposed to be a faceoff ace.


Rollie is flashing the leather a lot tonight =).

I'm going to allow myself to dream of a Cinderella sneak into the playoffs and Rollie going on fire again if the Oilers win tonight...ah fantasy, so much better than reality.

And don't forget Staios, just solid tonight.

What the hell was that? I just about puked.

What the fuck! Holy shit!

Huge play by Reasoner.

Nice elbow Jarmoe threw on Gilbert there. Dirty play.

Was that McGoo emphatically waving that off there?

Never thought I'd love seeing that man flailing his arms about like that.


Nice play by Gilbert. Pisani. Reasoner.

None of them stopped playing.

Gilbert is a hero. I have to clean my pants.


What a game.

What a team.

Beautiful play by Nilsson!!! Puts it into the corner rather than straight down the ice.


We're alive, and we now have the 4-3 lead in the BoA matchup.

Nilsson clears the puck!

Hahaha, near perfect ending, WOOOOO!

I don't watch a lot of Oilers games. Do the refs steal all of your games for you?

Freaking jerks.

I don't watch a lot of Oilers games. Do the refs steal all of your games for you?

Looks like you missed this one too.

I don't watch a lot of Oilers games. Do the refs steal all of your games for you?

You mean the missed slashing and elbowing penalties by Calgary?

Are you kidding? I realize the slash was questionable, but when a player carrying the puck gets tripped while crossing the offensive blue line and there is no call, the refs are either incompetent or intentionally dishonest What exactly were they both looking at?

Obviously the Flames had other chances to win the game, but it still remains clear that that is a call that should NEVER be missed. Puck carrier. Crossing the blue line. Stick in the legs causing a trip.

Poor Row-bear. A tough slash and apparently HNIC has decided to unilaterally change his name.

Ron, I'd forgotten about Al MacInnis night. Why'd you have to bring that up again?

hah - the slash was questionable - a two hander? hmmm

I'd say the Vandemeer trip was a make up call. Lombardi could have gotten the game and he didn't.

Ya, they just showed that slash again. Totally questionable. Pfft.


A brief glance, but I'm rattled.

Awesome, HNIC just showed the blatant two handed tomahawk slash on Nilsson's wrist.

How is that even remotely questionable? A possible injury and game misconduct; not even close to a trip near the blueline.

Also P.J. Stock is saying that Calgary is more offensively challenged than Vancouver...interesting take, I'd think that Luongo would beg to differ.

All I know is that for the next 24 hours, the Flames are my favorite hockey team.

Yes they are.

Dustin Penner appears to be made of wood. Oak and Hrudey just looked pained out there hee hee.

Still very interesting to see how Penner thinks a bit though.

Wow, Alana is pretty sexy! Didn't know attractive women cheered for the Oilers.

Wow, Alana is pretty sexy! Didn't know attractive women cheered for the Oilers.

Yeah, she's not bad. With her brown shirt and manly chest stubble and...

...wait a minute...

...I feel unclean.


please god send us your tired, your poor, your huddled flames to vancouver tonight...and let the kipper play like mr. i like to get pulled when my mind is on my newborn (that's his full name, andy)has been playing. actually, it sounds like it'll be enough for the kipper to play like he did in the 3rd period last night.

and matt, your statistical method for understanding losing streaks isn't working this week for explaining canucks behavior.

it sounds like it'll be enough for the kipper to play like he did in the 3rd period last night.

To be fair to Kiprusoff, he was a little weak on the Penner goal but otherwise had a solid, if not spectacular, night.


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