Friday, February 22, 2008



Mägni Thöroson the Ëlectric Nörseman has crossed the rainbow bridge, claimed off waivers by the evil Flyers of Philadelphia. Ragnarök approaches in the East, and the hammering forecheck of Mägni is required. Fare thee well, Nörseman. Fare thee well.

Glove-tap to Dubya for the heads up.


More umlauts, please.

That'd be an "umlot" of...

you know what? I can't even complete that pun. Carry on.

It occurs to me that this now frees up one of those maximum 50 contracts oilers had. Could be freeing up space for a trade?

I don't expect much, but maybe something small is in the works... or it least now Lowe has a spot to work with, if something does come up.

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