Wednesday, February 13, 2008


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FYI, this morning on the radio, Mike Richards and Peter Maher were discussing the increasingly real possibility of Kristian Huselius being traded. Quoth Maher, regarding Juice and the '08/'09 season: "He's not going to be back."

Also, I enjoyed this Buccigross column -- it's an interesting exercise -- if not his frequently ludicrous choices and even more ludicrous reasoning. Seems like something I'd try and re-do better in a week where I had some spare time, which this isn't.

Go Flames.


Watch Juice join the loathsome Pony Twins out in Vancouver and tear it up next year. Ugh.

Hope Sutter can deal him for something decent before he bolts for free agency.

I still want to see if this team can inflict damage in the playoffs. I am not interested in making the team worse.

Six points out!



metrognome: My biggest fear is that the Canucks take the Naslund money and make a hard pitch at the best RW on the market, one Marian Hossa.

Hossa and the aliens plus a decent blueline plus Luongo? Ugggghhhhh.....

As for the Buccigross article....Pronger in Calgary would be convenient, wouldn't it? Then again, somehow I don't think Lauren digs Alberta in general, so that could cause issues.

Calgarians might leave Pronger's baby's crib alone, though.

All year I've been wanting to do a, "draft my own team using the salary cap" post, but I've always been too lazy. Maybe we should do it as a meme. For example, wouldn't you like to see a team Dennis or Vic drafted from scratch, and hear why? I know I certainly would.

I know I certainly would

I second the motion, Mr. Chairman.

All in favor?

I'd pick Jan Hedja first just to keep him off dennis team;)

First overall I choose...

Mike Johnson.

i choose Pikachu

Andy, I actually set up something similar to what you're asking about in one of the forums I frequent. It's really interesting how some people pick their teams.

Here's mine:

Alex Ovechkin (3.384) - Vincent Lecavlier (6.875) - Maxim Afinogenov (3.33)
Henrik Sedin (3.575) - Daniel Sedin (3.575) - Corey Perry (0.621)
Kirk Maltby (0.883) - Mike Fisher (1.5) - Mike Grier (1.775)
Kristian Huselius (1.4) - Brad Boyes (1.5) - Joffrey Lupul (2.312)
Colton Orr (0.538)

Dion Phaneuf (0.785) - Jay Boumeester (2.175)
Francois Beauchemin (1.65) - Anton Volchenkov (2.5)
Joni Pitkanen (2.4) - Duncan Keith (1.475)
Chris Chelios (1.15)

Martin Brodeur (5.2), Mathieu Garon (1.1)

We kept the entry level contracts to a maximum of 3, because it gets quite easy to spend peanuts on entry-levels.

Hey Battle of Alberta,

Just want to let you know that you can get trade updates, as they happen, sent to your cell phone from Molson. Text “DEADLINE" to 25858 or check out to sign up. Cheers!

Tonia from Molson

Thanks for the spam, Molson!

What if I want trade union updates?

Gawd I'm hating your GBL updates Matt. There's little hope as it is, then there's 6 GBL.

(single tear running down cheek)

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