Sunday, February 24, 2008


Hilarious headlines, etc.

Coupla laughers this afternoon... -- The Edmonton Oilers open up a five-game homestand Sunday against the Colorado Avalanche which will likely determine any hope they have of making a surge towards a playoff race.

There's surges, and then there's, uh, ...ahem. If the Oil go 17-3-0 to finish, they'll make it to 93 points, which might -- might -- do it. It's over. Next, Steve Simmons -- one of the deans of the Toronto sports media -- attempts to break the irony meter with his Thumbs Down on TSN's The Reporters:
My thumb is down to all the [Swedish hockey player] updates. Every time you turn on your television, open up your newspaper, there's writing about [Swedish player] or they're talking about [Swedish player]. ... It's a lot of noise and it's a lot of news about nothing. And I propose this much. Why don't we leave the [Swedish player] story alone until there actually is a [Swedish player] story to talk about?

Punch line: he's talking about Peter Forsberg!!! Oh, my sides hurt. Also of note in Sun Media news: the Calgary Sun's Eric Francis has been on the postgame of this afternoon's 2-1 Calgary win, and without any disclaimers or hemming & hawing, called the Ottawa Sun's Bruce Garrioch "an embarrassment", on account of his consistently ridiculous and inaccurate "rumours", "sources close to the team", etc. Hear hear. Al Strachan seems to get all the grief, but he frequently gets it right.

Calgary game notes, basking in the afterglow:
Trade deadline: again, I expect Warrener or Eriksson to get moved away, and an Allan Rourke-type to get brought in. I do not expect Tanguay to get traded, though admittedly I'm not the best guy to look at this subjectively. I expect that Huselius is available, though not for futures-only; Sutter would have to feel like the team hasn't gotten worse.

Good luck to the spOilers against the Avs tonight, and Go Flames.


the hilarity of one sun "journalist" calling another sun "journalist" an embarrassment is too much to bear. the only thing that would make this any funnier is if they were both sports' "journalists". oh wait, i think i just peed my pants.

(note also that Keenan has subbed #26 into Huselius' spot in the 3rd at times over the past few games).
probably testing out where he'll be playing fulltime in the last 20-or-so games once huselius gets dealt.

neither warrener nor eriksson are good enough to get dealt on their own. i expect them to be piggybacked on a huselius or langkow trade.

Stupid noon starts. I completely forgot and missed the game. Box score looks ugly, 38-15 or some such shot inbalance. Was it really that bad? I guess I don't really care at this point, but I'm still curious. It's all about the W from here on in.

If Warrener or Eriksson got dealt for a bag of dirty socks, I'd be thrilled.

So, uhhh... is this the Oilers Gameday thread?

H'yuk h'yuk h'yuk

There are no Oiler gameday threads on BOA anymore...unless, of course, Sac drops by. Try Lowetide.

I ran some numbers earlier today on what kind of win % each team would need to hit 92, the current number of points 8th place is on pace for. I don't remember what Edmonton needs, but it was 97% for LA, and 8% for Detroit. Calgary, after their win, needed 47% if I remember right.

I've never been so sick of the trade deadline rumors. I know everyone is holding their breath for Tuesday, but personally I can't wait until Wednesday. At least Forsberg and Sundin are off the market now, so there won't be any "Forsberg and Sundin would be a great fit for the Flames" garbage.

I wouldn't be surprised if Nilson was actually a better player than his numbers show. Our third and fourth lines have been deadly to players this year, because they're full of guys who need a little spark to lift them up, and who collectively bring each other down. If Nilson plays with Nolan and Conroy (who seem to be developing some chemistry) he'll probably get some momentum just from riding on their coattails. I don't think he's a bad player, I just think he can't create chances on his own. And who knows? Maybe Tanguay-Lombardi-Yelle could do something?

heed: nah. There's plenty of reporters and columnists doing good work in the Sun chain. But the bad ones are awful.

Most hilarious headline? "Oiler's Moreau Sidelined for the Season". Now you just have to laugh this season off.

I see no reason to deal Warrener or Erickson until the offseason, unless it is a hockey deal or the cap room is needed to bring in a big fish. Cap room isn't the issue this year, but it will be next year and what is the problem with having them as fill-ins. Especially Warrener...

You might be right, Brent, but the reason as I see it is that there might be a market for (say) Warrener's services & contract now that won't exist in the offseason. Right now there are (a) injuries and (b) teams who want their depth to be veteran rather than up-and-coming; this is not the case (to anywhere near the same extent) in June or September.

IMO, a straight salary dump of either of these guys won't be available after the season, but probably is now. (Your mileage may vary).

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