Friday, February 29, 2008


Friday Predictions

How many fights in this Ducks-Flames game? Two? Three? Eight? Zero?


Well, 35 seconds in, and the Ducks are up 1-0. Yeesh. I think that was a big goal. :)

One and counting...Caveman versus Caveman.

I vote for 6.

Caveman versus Caveman.

I didn't know what to do there. Completely lost.

It looks like Pronger is an assistant coach tonight.

Ooh, I now know what Matt is talking about. Simmers is terrible. He just said that the Flames should bottle a game of Lombardi's on film. Bottle on film. That's a first.

2-0, Ducks. Could get ugly. I think I'm actually cheering for the Flames here. I didn't think it possible, but it's happening organically. I really, really dislike the Ducks.

I realize this sounds stupid with the Flames down 2-0, but the difference in the Ducks without Pronger is stark; I don't think they look near as good.

Also, in the tonight's headlines dept: Todd Bertuzzi Still As Smart As Ever.

Injuries and illness is going to hand this one to the Ducks...not that they need much help. The Flames are down a lot of guys and some of the other ones are playing sick.

...and I know Sarich is hurt/sick right now, but Christ is he bad. And he was bad before the flu and the full face shield.

Andy, I am also cheering for the Flames tonight. I'd like to see Corey Perry get what's comin' to him. The display in that scrum and his refusal to drop 'em with Mark Smith a couple minutes ago was nothing short of disgusting.

Some bitch and complain the Oilers didn't take the deal of Perry for Comrie. I do not. He is a total embarrassment of a hockey player. Completely gutless. One of the last guys in the league I'd want on my team.

I'm with you on Perry, Hbomb. What a tool.

As for that Ugly vs. Buttugly fight, man, that was ugly with a capital Ugh!

Ugly with a beauty goal.

True that. Great pass, wicked shot.

STACKS THE PADS!!! CuJo's best save as a Flame.

I'm concerned. Flames looked like the better team (to me) when they were down, and all the arrows are pointing toward them at least tying it up in the 3rd. If they don't, it will... suck.

Not too often I'm so bored I resort to watching the Flames. Who's the colour guy who just said it's not a bad thing to give up a 2-on-1 in the last ten seconds of a period?

What a Nidiot.

This is a PPV game for the Flames? I just flipped over and they're showing a shot of the ice with fake flames all around the screen. Awful stuff.

(Just as an aside, if Matt's right about who makes the playoffs, there will be exactly one change from last year. Man am I glad we wasted a season to get this parity.)

This is one Iginla's best games of 2008. The ice has been hugely tilted toward Giguere every time he's on.

I think I'm actually cheering for the Flames here. I didn't think it possible, but it's happening organically. I really, really dislike the Ducks.

I with you on that one, Andy. Not to mention the fact Oilers have their first rounder and every loss helps. Even to Calgary.

Regulation would be best though. Either way.

I've been watching this Canucks/Jackets game. Vancouver might be the most dislikable team in the NHL even without Matt Cooke. Kesler needs to get filled in by someone, anyone.

Yeah, speaking of organically etc., I almost always cheer for the Oil against the Canucks. The fact that VAN is a standings threat obviously makes it easier, but Christ. With Cooke gone they're still only about 15% less detestable.

is it just me, or would david hale with "flu-like symptoms" STILL be better than eriksson ?

Simmer on Niedermayer: "Probably the best, if not top two, defensemen in the game today."

Don't ever change, Charlie. (Unless we're talking jobs.)

Wow. This colour guy (Charlie, apparently) really has had a lobotomy I think. 2:30 left, Ducks on a PP for the next 3:00 and he's talking about how their main job is not to give up a goal? I'm not sure when he expects to win.

Fucking Ketchup with the PP goal. BAH. Stupid Ducks.

Again Tyler, he's a... oh, nevermind.

Quel anti-climaxe.

On the bright side, yay Jackets. Well done.

On the bright side, yay Jackets. Well done.

Yeah, almost. Fucking loser point.

Vancouver must be at least 30% less detestable without Cooke. But I still hate them. That's two teams I'll cheer for Calgary against.

As for Ducks-Canucks, c'mon earthquake!

I was at the game tonight, won a trip from work at the Christmas party. Good seats, just at the top of the lower bowl, below the luxury suites.

Man, does Ericsson ever suck. Have I mentioned that before? I'm sure i have. Phaneuf looked blody awful as well in the first, but definitely came on strong after that.

I was worried the game was going to get out of hand in the first, and I'm glad it didn't, cause there was a large dude in orange who apparently blamed me for every thing a Flame did on the ice. I almost had to put my wife between me and him.

Anyway, could have gone the other way with a couple bounces. Flames played pretty good except for the braindead start to the game, and Phaneuf's bonehead penalty which caused the 2nd goal.

Go Flames.

So one fan likes the canucks 15% more, and another 30% more. Thats great, keep the affection growin :) Who do we trade to make it 50%???
ps. What do you guys think of Naslund possibly going to the Oil in the summer. It has been mentioned as one of the teams that is somewhat interested.

You misread me. I hate the Canucks 30% less, but I still don't like them at all. On the bright side I hate them about 80% less than the Burke-Crawford Canucks of Matt Kook, Jerkko Ruutu and Todd Buttugly, but I still just don't like the team. Bland and boring, with a black hole where the leadership should be.

Strange viewpoint on the Canucks.
1. Bertuzzi has done some modeling work in the off season, so apparently someone finds him the opposite of ugly.
2. Willie Mitchell was the heart of the Wild a few years back, and has been called one of the most outspoken leaders in the game today by a myriad of NHL'ers, and its either Willie or Bieksa who take the captaincy from Naslund when he retires this summer. (will never go to Edmonton)
3. Luongo is the leader and captain of the Canucks, and you wont find a more competetive true leader in the game. His comments this week after the Colo disaster speak volumes on his character.

I must admit I do like Willie Mitchell. Liked him in Jersey, really liked him in Minny (esp. when he drove Bertuzzi nuts in the playoffs in '03), and still like him in Vancouver meaning he passed a pretty stern test. The Canucks would do well to choose him as captain. He'd be a major upgrade on Naslund in that role IMO.

I've always liked Mitchell as well. Seems strange now to remember he did a little tour with Dallas, doesn't it?

I watched the first two periods of this game and it confirmed my belief that Cgy's a second tier team in the West. It would be a bad bet to think they could take out healthy ana or det squads.

Reasons to hate Van:

David Pratt- that Taylor guy that works with him - Jim Hughson - the fact that the Sedins don't play against anyone - Luongo's whining - Jim Hughson

You guys are crazy. Name me a single PBP better than Hughson. Emrick is the closest thing, and I still like Hughson more.

And how could you all forget about Linden. He brings his lunch pail every shift, even as he's winding down. Yeah, there's no leadership on the 'Nucks. Fucking fanboys. Go back to Jonestown with your Flavor-Aid.

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