Friday, February 08, 2008


Friday Baseball Standings

**Not a great week for the Flames. They already have as many regulation Losses in February as they did in October and in January (3), and more than they did in December (1). In November they had 10; not a pace you want to be setting. On the bright side, apart from the fiasco in Stabmonton, the hockey gods have played a part; both the Dallas and Chicago games were one-goal losses in which they hit 3 posts.

The lads need to curb-stomp the Oil tomorrow night and be a bit above the black line as they head into the toughest stretch of the season. Go Flames.


Man things are tight. Looking at the standings that way really hits home the point. And how the hell is Nashville "in the hunt". Rumours of their death have been greatly exaggreated.

Yeah, the Falmes are a better team, but they aren't THAT much better than the Oilers when you look at the standings like that.

I wish the Falmes nothing but bad luck on Saturday - here's to hoping they hit another 3 posts and the Oil walk out of the giant maxi-pad looking arena with another victory.

... Saddledome looks like a giant maxi-pad from the air, the fans claim they are a sea of red ... coincidence??

we stab because we care. as for the "sea of red", conformity is not something to be proud of.

we stab because we care. as for the "sea of red", conformity is not something to be proud of.

Unless one if conforming with the stabbing and caring crowd, of course.

I'm comforted by the fact that Edmonton has man-handled the Flames the last two times they played. That means we are sure to lose. GOILERS!

Say, did anyone notice Dion Phaneuf try and hit Dustin Byfuglien last night, only to be stood up at the blueline.

What was even better was seeing Byfuglien only seconds later run Robyn Regehr into the boards like he weighed nothing. I loved the reaction of the Flames fan in the front row as well throwing his arm in the air at Byfuglien for knocking the "Almighty" Regehr on his ass.

Damn, Byfuglien is huge.

Actually, I did see that. Reminded me a little of Boogaard playing the Oilers. Except none of the Flames were injured.

let me guess...after princess phaneuf got stood up...he disappeared for the night. unless he went after kane...all 150lbs of him.




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