Friday, February 22, 2008


Flames Game Night

Detroit @ Calgary, 7PM MT, RSN West.

The good news is that the Flames have played a solid couple of games, and look poised for a better-than-usual effort against the Wings.

The better news is that Detroit is missing Lidstrom, Rafalski, Cleary, and Kronwall, and should be a lot more beatable as a result (though the black lining there is that they still have what I would consider two of the Top 4 forwards in the conference, with Iginla & Thornton).

The best news is that this is the last time we have to play these guys until at least the playoffs, and Hockey Gods willing, if that happens, it'll be in Round 3.

Jim Vandermeer makes his first start in the Flaming C tonight -- could we have a permanent defense partner for Phaneuf? Watch and see Calgary win 4-2 (Boyd, Iginla, Huselius, Nolan). Go Flames.

(Also, I believe the Oilers are playing in Dallas, so good luck with that.)


Matt Freakin Cooke is the best player in the conference....YYYYAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Dan Cleary is one reason why I keep thinking Mac-T is a better coach (or at least a better judge of talent) than the Oil seem to show on a consistent basis.

He always loved Danny, even when he was struggling, and was always sure that he would be a quality player.

I see that Cleary is crediting his wife for the turnaround, but there is no doubt that Mac-T and K-Lowe kept him in the league far longer than others would have.

I think the Flames have the worst PP in the league, systemically speaking. It's static and limits passes to the perimeter almost exclusively. It's only the skill of the players on the first unit that keep it from being the worst in the NHL by conversion rate.

Flames finally beating Detroit was awesome, although it was a lot like our wins in the playoffs last year: all Kipper.

I listened to the pre-game show on the radio and discovered that Bruce Doughbiggen will make Matt's head explode some day. Bruce was talking about how the Flame's PP just wasn't getting the job done recently, and someone else on the panel pointed out that the Flames had scored a goal in each of the last six games, going 6 for 22. (That's 27%, not a bad rate!) Bruce replied, "but the goals aren't coming when they need them."

So what was this: the 5th post in a single day for you two clowns?

Nice stuff.

I thought the Flames played pretty well, mostly. Detroit came on strong in the third, but I thought Calgary was the better team in the first 2 periods, and could have easily been up 3-0, if not for a couple missed opportunities. Also, great to finally see Kipper get a shutout. Here's to 5 more before the end of the season!


It's a Mike Keenan powerplay. Of course it's static and limits passes to the perimeter almost exclusively.

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