Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Flames Game Night

Flames start their 5-game roadie through the entire "Pacific" Division (how can a team in the Central time zone be in the Pacific Division?) tonight in San Jose (830 PM MT, Flames PPV). Metrognome looks are Where We Are Now, and as he tends to do (which I appreciate), he takes a bit more pessimistic overall view.

I agree 100% that Godard needs to be spotted into the lineup rather than occasionally scratched, and hell yeah Sarich has looked lousy at times. There's two things that are guaranteed to elicit an Oh For F**k's Sake from me: (1) Eriksson lets a puck bounce by him at the point while an opponent accelerates towards him, and (2) Sarich puts a (say it together) weak backhand clearing attempt into the glove of an opposing player lurking 4 feet inside the Flames' blue line.

The good news, besides what MG notes (Huselius really does look better lately) is that results probably should get better. The Flames have treaded water (6-6-1 in the last 13) with their best player, #1 line, and #1 PP unit producing virtually nothing. Sarich has been very good for long stretches previously, and no doubt will again. And realistically, Godard will be gone from the lineup soon enough. (Hey, maybe Marcus Nilson will look that much better in March and April (and May) for having sat out half the season.)

The play of Kipper and the PK have risen from way below par early in the season to pretty solid now. And for all the concern, which I share, about the schedule over the next 9 games, March's schedule is absolutely ripe if the Flames can make it there in decent position. And finally, and perhaps best of all, the Red Wings are finally looking human.

I'm shelling out for the PPV tonight, and planning on using my special Charlie Simmer Mute Feature. (I rigged up a little electronic doodad to emit a high pitched shriek for 7 seconds every time the TV says 'Again Roger'. I figure it'll be preferable.)

Calgary 2 (Iginla, Huselius)
San Jose 1 (I love you Carle. Er, Marge.)

Go Flames.


and as he tends to do (which I appreciate), he takes a bit more pessimistic overall view.

That's just the way I roll Im afraid.

I dont think I could endure what Oilers fans are going through right now.

Nice deflect from Langkow.

one on one and Eriksson plays it like a odd-man rush and just backs into Kipper and allows Goc a free shot.

It's incredible how that guy keeps getting top 4 minutes.

I think both Phaneuf and Eriksson were to blame for that one. Erikson just stood there, and Dion kinda let up on Goc. He could have had him.

ever notice how similar Nabakov and Kipper's mask are?

Time for Iginla to start playing better. He needs a lightning bolt or something. Right now, it's not like he looks snakebitten, just mediocre.

There was a couple of months early this season where you could essentially count on his line getting a scoring chance on every shift. Right now it seems like once a period is the average.

Right now, it's not like he looks snakebitten, just mediocre.

No kidding. He's been Jarmoe for a couple of weeks now. He wasn't just average in that period; he was dumb as well...spent his time making improbable passes across the offensive blueline and such.

"Your first year as a Flame has been nothing short of great" -- Roger Millions to Owen Nolan

Jeeeezzz... all things considered, he's either earning his money or nearly is, but that is waaayyyy over the top. Take off his empty net goals, his shortie dropped in his lap by Nabokov, and a couple that bounced in off his cock... great is probably overstating it.

"Owen...would you say you've been very good or very great?"

That's what home-town media is for these days. Fellating home-town players.

can you hip check a puck in the net? does that count as a hit and goal for smith?

"There are a lot of Flames fans here"

yeah, I used to live in the Bay Area. I was, and still am, a huge Flames fan, always will be. I never liked the Sharks...never!

metro - how do you like that weak attempt by eriksson...oh, but he did manage to give sharks a powerplay

how do you like that weak attempt by eriksson...

Sigh. I think it sadly feels like Deja Vu.

Outshot 31-11 after 2 periods. Ugh.

maybe we can pull an Oilers and win this one...but it doesn't look good right now.

That's just...a ridiculous outcome. I'll take it though.

Phaneuf was amazing tonight.

Steal! Man, the Dion is making me love him lately.

maybe we can pull an Oilers and win this one...but it doesn't look good right now.

Looks like we pulled an Oilers, then. I don't even know what to think. We clearly didn't deserve that...

Wow. That was an ugly win. I've said before that having a top heavy team isn't a problem as long as it's top heavy enough. I guess playing only 5 minutes of real hockey is okay as long as the five minutes are good enough.

And Kudos to the Edmonton spOilers for helping us towards our second divisional title in three years. Keep up the good work, boys!

three words to describe this win: dion, dion, dion.

performances like this make me weep with joy on what must be yet to come from the kid....

Looks like the Oilers and Flames used the tried and true "rope-a-dope" strategy with both Garon and Kiprusoff playing the role of the ropes.

As for the two teams? Well I get the Oilers—They're just not that good—but the Flames I just don't understand.

only one thing better than a flames win...a sharks loss

i love listening to Rob Kerr ripping into San Jose. The team, coach, announcer, city, airport...the whole crappy organization.

did i mention i have a strong dislike for the Sharks

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