Tuesday, January 15, 2008


You like us! You really like us!!!

Battle of Alberta has again been nominated for a Canadian Blog Award. Round 1 voting will go until January 21st, 2008 11:59 PM PST. You can see all the categories and nominees here, and vote in the Best Sports Blog category here. This year, you get one vote in each category. You don't get to vote once a day.

Our thanks to those who nominated us, and to those who stop by our site on a regular basis. The Oilogosphere is well represented this year, with Lowetide and Covered in Oil also receiving nominations. Our friends James Mirtle and Sherry at Scarlett Ice also got nods. Great blogs, all. Congrats to them, as well.



A well deserved golf clap to you sir!

As much as I love "Joy of Sox" the dude is originally Yank, and you know how I feel about immigrants, plus he won it last year.

I'm pretty sure CinO's nomination is from one of our parents. I'm afraid to look. If it's "Norm" then that's my dad.

I get nowhere the same readership as you guys so to be mentioned in the same sentence as CinO, BoA and Mirtle is overwhelming already.

congrats to all. i just recently learned about the oiler "family" of blogs and have been hooked ever since. the combination of wit, detailed stats and hatred of all things red really speaks to me. good luck to all.

i wonder if the three oiler blogs on there will split the vote and let mirtle run away with this thing...

not that he'd be undeserving, just sayin'...

This is a great blog. Entertaining as fuck, if you may.

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