Saturday, January 12, 2008


Um, excuse me, are there any dogs in this house?

Anyone else think it's weird that the BoA game isn't on HNIC tonight? Feels off, no? Anyone want to make some football predictions, instead? Big weekend, this weekend. Big. While watching the games, I'm going to be working on the self-help book I'm ghostwriting for Matt Hasselbeck. It's called, We Have The Ball, and We're Going to Score: Moving Your Life from Frown to Touchdown, One Quarter at a Time. Should be fun. Here are my predictions.

Gunslinger over Seahawks
Cheaters over Jags

Indy over Whale's Vagina
Dallas over G-Men

Best case scenario for me is watching the Pats and the Cowboys disappear (I hate them both), but it seems unlikely this weekend. It's going to take the magic of Favre and the good Manning to do that next weekend. Have a great Saturday, everyone.


Way to gamble on the underdogs this weekend.

Not that I would argue. Every home team is favoured by at least a touchdown, according to

should be a good day for football. i better hit the liquor store this afternoon. i've been told that centre ice is free until the 16th. i haven't checked yet but damn i hope so.

Centre Ice is free....just checked and it's coming in!

I actually love the Cowboys! Go Dallas!!

Boo, Scarlett.

What a beautiful game at Lambeau today. The snow is fantastic. Should I rant about how Green Bay has honoured their history by not tearing it down? No? Okay. :)

What kind of twisted creature likes the Cowboys!?!

The best kind!

Damn Patriots.

No shit, I hate the Patriots.

Though I would've thought the Oilogosphere would be Patriot fans...Belichek (sp?) seems like a dude who would appreciate and EV outscorer.

Leafs, late game, BoA on sunday...

I smell something fishy.

I was looking forward to not seeing the Leafs on the early game. Then bam ... there they are for the late game. W.T.F. Quit wasting my time CBC!

I'm pretty sure no Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton Saturday night games was a direct result of a Toronto late night game; so when they move from the early game, they find an even better way to screw the West--no Saturday night hockey at all for you!

On the plus side, it's a BoA double-header on SNet. Hitmen-Oil Kings, then Flames-Oilers, the former of which I'll be attending. It's a great day for hockey.

My Hypothesis: The Dallas Cowboys are the luckiest frickin' team in the history of football. Their history is riddled with lucky bounces, fortuitous penalty calls, draft selections; it goes on and on. Trust me, if it comes down to nut cuttin' on Sunday PM, the 'boys will get more than their share of the breaks.

Today is a sad day, in that one of my favorite writers, Andy Grabia, loves the Boston team that spends to beyond belief, but despises the Boston team that builds championships through intelligent player movements. Sad day indeed.

but despises the Boston team that builds championships through intelligent player movements.

I respect how the Pats are run. I just don't care for how they play, how they cheat, and how much they complain.

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