Thursday, January 10, 2008


The Susie

Hi. It's...funny runnin' into you here. You look's been awhile. Yeah. Hey...hey you, you know...maybe we can watch the game together tonight? Talk in the comments. Or something?

Prediction: We make up, hang out in the basement, dry hump on my parent's couch, listen to Chicago XVII, and watch the Oilers cruise to a 4-2 victory. Stoll, Penner, Gilbert Gilbert, San Pisani with the goals, and Mr. Bryzptlk weirds us all out.



I'll bring the lemon gin and fresca.

Kerry Fraser is wearing a helmet AND a visor? What is the world coming to?!?



What the hell is going on here!? What are we, three minutes in?

I hope Smid doesn't contaminate Gilbert Gilbert with suck tonight.

Crazy stuff this.... other goalies might get pulled after two such quick ones. But I guess that's almost impossible.

I shall miss Pitkanen tonight. I've become fond of his Frankentein-ish interviews. And I mean that in the best way possible.

That should be a goal. There was no whistle. Brutal. And Perrault should be in the box, too.

4 minutes?

Think we can do something?


Wow. This is insane. He must to get pulled, no?

Apparently the answer is yes.

This game is kinda odd thus far. In a good way.

I meant about doing something on the powerplay - not Bryz getting pulled. But if they score again this period it's gotta happen.

Hey Andy - the Oilers have 3 goals and not one of them from the guys you predicted to score...

Also - your blog is giving me 10 letter word verifications.

10 letters? Insane.

At this pace, all my guys will still score. This game is wiiiiiide open.

That Stortini line is chewing them Coyotes up

Brodziak is having a damn good game

What is with the refs tonight?

Oh good a 5 minute major for a defenceman.

Sadly I think Garon would have had the save. (and does anyway)

Who turned that puck over, anyway? Was it Souray?

Chopper is insane out there. His energy is fantastic.

What? Now Souray's gotten a game misconduct? They just keep adding penalties. Terrible officiating.

Game misconduct? That penalty just keeps growing.

or...what you said.

That giveaway was all Hemsky - he caused the Souray penalty. He NEEDS to atone for his mistake tonight.

By the time the intermission is over Hemsky will have a game misconduct for being the guy that coughed up the puck making him the direct facilitator of Souray's slash.

Can you even give a penalty shot plus a five minute penalty plus a game misconduct?

I guess the Gretzky rules still apply as a coach?

That's brutal. The things people get away with and it's 5 plus the game for that? Nasty slash sure but did he break Doan's hand or something?

I don't mind him getting a 5 and a game, because it looked intentional, but call it right in the first bloody place. Don't keep adding stuff on after time has passed. And I'm still not sure you can award a penalty shot and add five minutes. I've never ever seen that.

Well Gretz did give the ref an ear full.

5 D for 40 minutes eh? Don't suppose they could sneak Pitkanen back in?

I have never been so indignant going into the 2nd period with a 3 goal lead.

Stortini hit from behind into the boards by Perrault - no call.

Brodziak falls into the net? Get up Kyle, game on!

Nasty slash? Hm. Penalty shot. Whats that, Sir Wayne, you don't like the call? O.k., lets add a 5 major. No wait, lets add a game misconduct too--I mean, 39 goals in 50 games!

The official boxscore is saying the Souray 5 minute penalty and game misconduct were handed out at the same time. That's news to me. There's also NO penalty handed out that would justify the penalty shot. There's nothing there. So what was the call? Where are the readers who are refs?

There's no one in the penalty box? What the hell is going on here?

Seriously, what the hell is going on? The Oilers were shorthanded for an extra fourteen seconds, because they didn't have anyone in the box serving for Souray. The penalty ended, but no one knew, because no one came out of the box. But an icing was called, which is weird, because everyone was acting like the Oilers were still shorthanded. That is now two things I've seen tonight that I've never seen in my life.

wacky wacky game!

ps - word verification is down to only 8 letters.

Did someone say lemon gin?

Jesus. A two on nothing? What the hell is going on with this game? Is it a full moon?

Goal and assist for Nilsson. Apparently the press box agreed with him. (still wacky)

Brodziak looks really really good the last couple games.

We're up 4-0.

So we got a chance, right?

5 letter verification now.

Nilsson still needs that kick in the arse now and then.

Now at eighteen points in thirty five games. Sixth on the team in scoring.

What's scary is that Stoll is fourth on this team in scoring despite having the worst thirty games ever. Good news that he looks to be snapping out of it now.

Is it possible? Two regulation wins in a row? Two relatively free and clear wins in a row?

This isn't your ex-wife's alcoholic second cousin's Oilers, that's for sure.

Is it possible? Two regulation wins in a row? Two relatively free and clear wins in a row?

Ssshhh. If we lose this game, I'm flying to TO and kicking your ass.

Boynton just tried to provide Nilsson with that kick to the ass you were talking about. Except it was a shoulder to the head.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. There's still a period left and we all know what can happen to the Oilers in that amount of time.

4-1. I'm coming for you, McLean.

What's that great MacT quote about Donuts and Turnovers. Ales "Tim Horton" Hemsky.

Grebeshkov bailed you out, Pat. Bet you never expected to hear that.

OH. My. God.I laughed out loud.

Beauty feed from Horc. (Gagner for roughing was also slightly funny to me.I may be becoming hysterical.)

Grebs with the Monkey Off His Back Goal.

Good for him.

If you're listening to Rod

On that rush before Gagner had the scuffle

Rod commented on how fast Penner was on the rush

The reason why Penner was so fast?
Because he was Gilbert, that's why.

Meh. Bring it on Grabia. Its not like I'm shaving in the middle of a Stanley Cup run or anything.

Nilsson alright? Someone said he was "out on his feet".

Grebeshkov is what, plus 4 tonight? Playing with Dick for the most part?

PM predicted two points for the Allstar tonight and still a period to go.

So ... Gilbert. Pitkanen. Horcoff.

Sign em.

Its not like I'm shaving in the middle of a Stanley Cup run or anything.

I don't know why you keep trotting out the same misdirection there, Laforge. We've already established that the Stanley Cup loss is the fault of Sacamano.

Nilsson is okay. I think he was mostly just pissed off because Boynton went for his head. No answer from the Stortini either, though apparently Mac T is telling all his players they aren't allowed to fight.

Good that he's pissed. Keep him awake for a few more games.

I'd like to see a better replay of the it on Robe-Hair. It looked like an elbow. That's why Robert stopped dead with a look of disgust on his face.

I could be wrong though.

It looked like an elbow.

You know, I thought that too. But I thought I was just being subjective and insane.

Conklin wins again. And all we needed was one fucking save from the guy.

Just out of curiosity, is "Gilbert Gilbert" pronounced with the hard "G", or the soft "G"/French way? I'm not sure I don't like it better the second way.

Speaking of French, that Bergeron trade's totally paying off now, right? Right??

(I can't believe that was his first career goal. How lucky were to get Pronger in the first place, given Lowe's ability to evaluate defencemen?)

I would defer to Andy - I believe he coined it - but it has to be soft G.

Like he was from Shawinigan.

Or Chicoutimi.

Fuck I love the sound of town names in Quebec.

Val D'Or

Rouyn Noranda

Baie Comeau

The Gaspe

No way buddy is from Wisconsin or Minnesota or wherever. And if he is, he is definitely the descendant of a Voyageur.

Pierre Gilbert. Of course, he played wing.

I would defer to Andy - I believe he coined it - but it has to be soft G.

Oh, it's the soft G. The whole idea was to give him the Francophone Bump. Francophone Bump was my idea, but me, Cosh, Avi and Abboud sat around all night throwing names around, and Cosh hit the jackpot. One Jill-bear was good. Two Jill-bears? Sublime.

And on another note - Leafs down 4-0 after a period against the Kings.

What the hell are the networks going to show in February and March without the Leafs "in" the playoff race.

Who are these "Leafs" you speak of?

Local peewee squad the boy was going to try out for this fall when he turns three.

Probably not though. Might slow down his development.

Hey, I'm back. I was in Maui. How are my Flames doing lately?

Oh, pretty good I see.

Nice to see the Oilers can lay a licking on Wayne's team. Whatever. There can be no winners in that one as far as I can tell.

Go Flames!!

I think this is the best thing for Toronto. Flush the season, draft either Stamkos or Doughty and then load up with all those Toronto kids who have been weeping nightly because another NHL team drafted them and forced them to play away from home.

Leafs should be able to sign 10, 20free agents in the fall. I worry about Mats Sundin though, he's got this trade thing hanging over him and everything.

Poor guy.

Did Boynton just spit in Stortini's face? Or did he head-butt him?

The only frustrating thing is that they have their first round pick. The way they've traded them over the last 15 years I figured they didn't.

Still over a month until the deadline. Maybe Lowe can sell JFJ on Tarnstrom to cure their PP woes.

This party is packed! We're talking back to BACK!

Anyhow, sounds like I missed a hell of a game.

I was thinking that same thing, Andy. I swear that's what happened, but the announcer kept babbling about the visor hitting Stortini or whatever.

I have no idea what incites Stortini to that kind of rage otherwise. He forgot how to hug!

Whickety whickety whickety whickety whack!

Good night gents.


I hereby declare myself president of the Robert Nilsson Fan Club.

THAT was wacky good times.

g'night all.

My indignation has largely subsided. Apparently, Gretzky was allowed to assess the major on top of Fraser's penalty shot:

Rule 25.6

Should a goal be scored from a penalty shot, a further penalty to the offending player or goalkeeper shall not be applied unless the offense for which the penalty shot was awarded was such as to incur a major, match or misconduct penalty, in which case the penalty prescribed for the particular offense shall be imposed.

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