Friday, January 18, 2008



Anyone want to defend the stunt Phaneuf pulled at the end of that game? Anyone?



Nope, no defense. Clearly it was meant to piss the other team off and nothing more. That said, it's not like he two handed the guy over the head. It was a love tap, and barely that.

I don't even know what you're talking about but I'm sure Pierre McGuire immediately offered a completely cogent explanation, one probably involving repeated references to the Nietzschean superman.

Actually McGuire didn't even defend him.

Anyone want to defend the stunt Phaneuf pulled at the end of that game? Anyone?

No, because doing so would concede the premise that something happened worth acknowledging.

defend WHAT exactly, grabs?

u mean 2 say that youre THAT thin skined and think that dion's amusing but harmless antics are some kind of attack on hockey youre obviously spending 2 much time watching the falmes in order to get your hate on so u can forget how the COILERS are going from sham to total embarassment

Ah, Matt and Fever, united in opinion again. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

A dick move from a dick player. Not really much to talk about considering it's an expected part of his game. Quick Phaneuf, run behind the ref and make faces at the Kings, that'll show 'em!

Not a classy move, but, in the end, not all that meaningful either. Im assuming someone like Iginla pulled him aside after the game and said "don't pull that shit again."

Can't help but think what you're really doing here is diverting attention away from the 7-2 shellacking at the hands of the Canes, though. Dion might be a jerk, but that's not his fault.

Your right it's his parents fault. The next time Quasimoto and Helen Keller decide to have a love child they should probably do the honorable thing and eat it.

Warren D -- priceless.

Does someone have a video clip of this?

yes, someone please post a clip of what happened. thanks

i agree it was kindof a cocky move. but dion's developping an identity, and 'cocky' is probably gonna factor into that somewhere. so, yeah. he should probably know better, but i didn't think a little poke was worthy of all this attention....

Dion is exactly the kind of person his name sounds like....a pussy

Gotta agree that this was a clear attempt by Andy to divert attention away from the Oilers play. Which was more embarrassing? I'm gonna go with losing by five to a Southleast team.

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