Monday, January 14, 2008



Just a heads up that people can now access this site through the url, as well as the address. The only thing different is a missing favicon, and I'm sure I'm the only one concerned with that. The shorter, easier url should help those of you out there who don't have the site bookmarked or in an rss feed (boo), or those of you who drunk surf on Friday nights (yay). Many thanks to George Chang for his assistance in getting this set up.


.ca domains are expensive (as an owner myself, I cringe every time I renew mine alongside my .coms and .nets; it's the downtown arena of domain names). Glove-tap, Grabia!

it's the downtown arena of domain names

That was a beaut.

.ca instead of

it is like not having to dial the area code. awesome

Nice man! I bet your web traffic must be through the roof Mr. big wheel hockey blogger. Only a matter of time before Google comes along and buys you out. Then its free arenas for everybody.

BTW - Cujo is now a fLame. f4f is probably shitting himself right about now.

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