Monday, January 21, 2008


Last call

If you haven't yet voted for Battle of Alberta as Best Sports Blog for the Canadian Blog Awards, and you are inclined to do so, here is the place -- and the Round 1 deadline is midnight PT.


Vote for me!

Shameless, man. Shameless. :)

I'll pay you all!

Shit. You should have just said that in the first place. VOTE FOR MIRTLE!!!

I must say, I'm not a big fan of profile pictures in the comments.

So get rid of your profile picture. It's not my fault you're wearing a t-shirt under a suit jacket. ;)

It's actually a Gretzky sweater... awesome!

I can't get rid of it; then my blog wouldn't have my sweet mug on it.

I voted neither of you.

LT is the Godfather of blogging, no offense intended.

LT is the Godfather of blogging, no offense intended.

I hear he invented blogging, actually.

BoA got my vote...

Good work, dudes.

Mirtle, I'd vote for you but...wait for it, wait for it....- I was too busy running around the ACC!!

I now suspect Dennis is 13 years old.

Good call, James!

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