Sunday, January 20, 2008


Hammer, Meet Head

Now that we know that the New England Patriots will be playing the New York Football Giants in the Superbowl, I'm really eager to see what angles the MSM drive into the ground over the next two weeks. So far, I've come up with the following:

1) The Patriots are trying to go 19-0 on the season. Are they on a date with DESTINY???
2) The Giants trying to prevent the Pats from going 19-0.
3) The Giants "second chance" at ending the Pats undefeated season.
4) Will Brett Favre retire?
5) If the Giants win, will Michael Strahan retire?
6) If the Pats win, will Junior Seau retire?
7) If the Pats win, will Teddy Bruschi retire?
8) Wait a minute! This isn't the Manning we expected to be in the Superbowl!
9) Whoa! This isn't the Manning we expected to see play Tom Brady in the playoffs!
10) Has Eli Manning "elevated" his game?
11) Eli Manning has "turned the corner" in his career.
12) Eli Manning is clutch.
13) By playing their starters in Week 17, the Giants gained confidence and saved their season.
14) The New York/Boston rivalry.
15) Boston one win away from having two teams win championships this season (the Celtics current dominance will be included in this, of course).
16) Boston fans are insufferable.
17) Any player from the Pats or Giants who are playing in their home state, or home town.
18) Tiki Barber eating crow/Ewing Theory.
19) Interviews with members of the '72 Dolphins.

Anyone got any others? I'm sick of these ones already.


Yahoo! has a doozy up from tonight:

"Third Tynes A Charm"

i just want to see someone say the following to tiki's barber's face on national television

"the giants are a better team without you"

Yeah, these are fine for day 1, but then what about the remaining 13 days?

Yeah, these are fine for day 1, but then what about the remaining 13 days?

They'll be repeated over and over for the entire 13 days. Unless something else happens, of course. Like Moss gets arrested.

I fucking hate the Super Bowl. I don't mind football, but
I hate all the hype. I'm almost glad my team has never made it, because I might start hating them too.

They should play the game tomorrow, nevermind two weeks from now. That would save us from having to read some really poor sports reporting.

The two week break really is too much. That, and the fact they always play inside, are two big knocks against the Superbowl.

I'm looking forward to all the articles on Lawrence Tynes's brilliant CFL history, consisting of that half-season he spent with the Ottawa Renegades.

Seriously, you want to enjoy the NFL? Watch the games, watch only the games, and during intermissions go eat a sandwich.

9) Whoa! This isn't the Manning we expected to see play Tom Brady in the playoffs!

This has been addressed in the pre-game interview with Eli when the interviewer (and I paraphrase a little) asked, hey, isn't this time of the year when your family cheer for your brother?

Based on the bit of ESPN radio I listened to earlier today (when I discovered the greedy NFL bastards won't let anyone who can't tune in to the game locally listen to it online without paying either through their website or through Sirius) the main topic of discussion is going to be:

"Wow, those Patriots sure are something. Let's list all the ways they are awesome."

I'll be surprised if they have time for half your list with all the time that one is going to take up.

"That would save us from having to read some really poor sports reporting."

Are you in prison? Is reading every article in the Sports Pages part of a required treatment plan? Personally, I've never found it difficult to, you know, just not read the really poor sports reporting.

I'm looking forward to seeing how they can spin a "Manning Payback" angle.

Opportunity Missed: Could have been Brother vs. Brother for Title.

Over/Under on Randy Moss becoming a "distraction" (says something stupid after being asked about his lack of catches the past two games; gets arrested; calls Eli a Nancy-boy): Friday.

lord bob - its impossible to eat that many sandwiches

Tom Coughlin - a million stories on Tom Coughlin - guaranteed - he was supposed to get canned and NOW LOOK AT HIM!

fuck I hate the Giants

Can't wait for media day, and the Canadian networks doing complete profiles on the Canadian players in the "big game."

I think one of the Pats' offensive linemen is Canadian?

The questions are always great as well.

"Why did you stop playing hockey?"

Guess being three hundred pounds might have something to do with it.

Boston fans ARE insufferable. Especially those who work in the MSM like Bill Simmons and Bob Lobel.

I hope Moss batters Seau.

That would be a good start.

Lord Bob, I'm still bitter about Tynes CFL tenure, as I grabbed him as a midseason pickup in our head to head pool as a replacement for my kicker (who I was about to lose to free agency), and ended up being screwed for two years trying to find a replacement (stupid Tynes, I hope he rattles every single kick of the fricken upright in the final)

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