Monday, January 21, 2008


Decision Day

"Enough Oilers owners are currently on side with drugstore billionaire Daryl Katz's $188-million bid to buy the team for the deal to proceed, according to a source close to the negotiations.

The source told The Journal Katz will close the deal if he receives commitments from Edmonton Investors Group members holding just 60 per cent of the company's 7,492 shares. It had previously been widely reported Katz required 66.66 per cent of shares to complete the purchase.

The list of owners willing to sell to Katz is believed to be 19 deep, holding about 68 per cent of EIG shares."
--Dan Barnes, Edmonton Journal

It's going to be an interesting day in Edmonton.

Tyler has some thoughts on this issue.



Interesting for sure - come on Katz!

Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

Global cut the press release short and late night news isn't showing much either. Mackinnon has some interesting comments late tonight at the Journal site. Butler's obviously stalling for time - sounds like they fucked over Katz again at the meeting. Gave him "conditions" to attend. He declined to be condition bound and didn't show. What a shit show!

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