Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Chamber of Comics

Everyone should check out Mike W's new blog, Chamber of Comics. Why? Well, the simple answer is that Mike is witty, pithy, and good in the sack. The complicated answer is...too complicated. It has to do with all the crying he does in the midst of aggressive coitus, and a love of post-colonial literature, all of which would take forever to explain. We'll just leave that can of worms closed for now. So check it Chamber of Comics. If it isn't the greatest thing you've ever read in your f**ng life, BoA will give you your money back. Guaranteed!


In my opinion, Chamber of Coitus would have been a better name.

That's what he calls his apartment in Toronto, actually. His pickup line at the bar is usually, "why don't you come back to my place for a little TS-SEX?" followed my some innuendo about stocks and bonds.

Needless to say, huge hit with the ladies.

That Mike W guy is pretty funny. He should start a blog.

I barely get the finishing touches on the blog and I get a plug? Already? Thanks!

Also: ixnay on the omosexual hay ex say.

How about Horcoff and Coitus? Fletcher and Felcher?

Oh wait, that would be a Leafs blog.

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