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You mustn't mind the tree monsters. Their bark is worse than their bite. Ha ha ha ha!

Game thread is here. If anyone is old, lame and home on a Friday night, feel free to join me in the comments section. I'll be the rambling dude stoned on egg nog.


stoned on egg nog.

Probably a good idea give MacT's lineup for tonight.

Ya, we are getting awfully close to Edmontoby Petersoilers territory again. Fun fact:

Career Games Played (Regular Season)

Brodziak: 44
Cogliano: 29
Gagner: 28
Gilbert: 41
Grebeshkov: 51
Nilsson: 78
Reddox: 0
Rourke: 53
Smid: 97
Thoresen: 70

That's eleven starters tonight with less than 100 GP. 539 GP total. Penner is a grisly old veteran with 130 GP. The Blues? Doug Weight has 1089 GP alone.

Home on a Friday night? Yeah. But TOMORROW night?


Yeah, it's scary looking at the game counts. Stempniak's experience trumps all but 4 Oiler forwards in tonight's lineup. I guess that's why the terms has to be updated...

Ah, some love for Horcoff. Nice.

HORCOFF! Damn. Post? Shit-tay.

Well, there we go. Rourke jumps up, Stortini is stuck playing defence, Stempniak burns the shit out of him, gets a shot off, then Boyes undresses about eight guys to get the goal. Question: what the f**k are Stortini-Reddox-Thoresen doing out against Brad Boyes!!??!??

I'm young, lame and at work on a Friday night.

Be ready to be impressed with Toivonen, another goalie apparently back from the dead.

How or why the Bruins ever let him and Boyes go is beyond me.


JD! I miss JD.

I love talking to myself.

Did ya notice the Oilers Community Foundation plug for the recent military game, prominently mentioning Rexall AND Daryl Katz? I'm sure that voiceover addition wasn't the Oilers' idea.

He's gonna make another offer boys. Bet on it!

Tell me again how the new rules enforcement makes the game better.

Ya, the "helping us turn the corner on these events" part was funny. More like bailing their asses out.

Wow I missed this thread somehow. It sounds like every time Horcoff is out there madness happens.

And I don't get how Boston let Boyes go myself, man was money for them just the season before after they traded Thornton. Oh, wait, I don't get how they let Thornton go either.

Oh well, not like they could use another scoring threat right about now.

This period has been boring. That, or I actually am stoned.

just once i want to hear Rod Phillips say 'Toivonen' in a Professor Frink/Jerry Lewis voice.

Here's the shift chart for the game. Note how much confidence MacT showed in 85-46-28 in the second period. No wonder he benched 14 and 16. Those other three are just getting it done.

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I like the way Rod Phillips says "Toivonen". He sounds like Martin Short doing Jerry Lewis trying to pronounce the lawyer's name in the "Scenes from an Idiot's Marriage" bit from SCTV. Sy Toivonen?

Almost as good as pronouncing Pronger with a hard "g".

When I saw 85, I thought, "Is Petr Klima back?" I've been watching the radio.

Man the ice is bad. It looks like they're playing with a black tennis ball out there.

Or the infamous foam puck (which used to leave big black marks on my dad's garage door).

No wonder he benched 14 and 16. Those other three are just getting it done.


Only reason MacT's getting away with it thru two periods...the Blues are the lowest scoring team in the West.

Now Kevin Lowe says he expects the team to make the playoffs. I thought it was a re-building year? I suppose the two aren't mutually exclusive, but you think he'd have an assistant who could give him some talking points to memorize.

Anyone know what Millard was referring to with the NHL's research wing? Is it a committee concerned with improving the game, or is it an actual metrics thing? James?

That was a pretty questionable high stick. Ended up costing us a goal. And I don't know why they keep saying Boyes has played with four teams. He's only played with three.

And another goal. 3-1. Soft play by Brodziak on the boards, and then an unlucky bounce off of Gilbert Gilbert. Another bunches goal. Super. Time to start drinking!

Well...the Oilers certainly have a way of bringing the best out of players. 1st goal of the season eh?

I listened to the first 15 minutes, then came back for the 3rd.

So far I haven't heard much good.

Well I've been listening to all 3 periods, and every time I hear Horcoff and Hemsky it's usually good. Pitkanen as well hasn't been a bad name to hear.

In between periods I've been watching The Big Bang Theory, so it's not a waste.

Also Nilsson just scored off of Gagner so good times are hear again =).

Also Nilsson just scored off of Gagner so good times are hear again =).

Did you spell "hear" that way on purpose? Because if you did...very clever!

I can't believe 85-46-28 sat for about twenty minutes, and then the moment they got out there they took a penalty. I almost choked on my meringue.

Oh, Staios.

I used to work at a grocery store, I ate so many past date lemon meringue pies there that it's been 7 years since I touched one.

And this is fun. I suppose a few Pitkanen to Hemsky to Horcoff calls can follow.

"Life's a bitch for the eternal optimist."

If we could play Horcoff, Hemsky, Pisani, Gilbert and Pitkanen for 60 minutes, we'd be a great team. Actually, Nilsson Smid and Gagner have looked good, too. But still too many pieces short.


Erin will be here in 3,2,1...

From the shift charts, Smid, Gilbert, and Pitkanen have been leading the pack.

Smid sounds like he's playing a physical game again and he's the only one on the positive side of the ledger. Wonder if they can send him down when Souray and Roy get back?

SHIT!!! I thought Gilbert had that!!! DAMN!!!!!

Christ a post in the last 10 seconds. I'll say this for them, if they're back to those early 2000s teams that skates hard and aren't short of try then I don't mind cheering for them.

Oh well, just got a copy of Kurt Russell's finest movie besides Big Trouble in Little China, time to pop it in and break out the peach wine.

That Boyes, man I like that guy.

Oh well, just got a copy of Kurt Russell's finest movie besides Big Trouble in Little China, time to pop it in and break out the peach wine.

"Escape From New York," obviously. Or is it "Captain Ron"? Good call on BTILC. One of my favorite movies ever. Doesn't get enough love, in my opinion.

Fuck that Horcoff is good.

On that last goal
or just before
he completely fooled everybody
especially Reasoner
with that pass out the short side

Remember when the Blues used to beat us with rag-tag lineups and backup goaltenders..

re: Boyes and 4 teams...

Looks like TO drafted him in 2000, so that would be the 4th (well, 1st...but you know what I mean).

Fuck that Horcoff is good.

Aye, I'm just happy that now that he's scoring as well at such a torrid pace, everyone will finally start seeing it (outside of Oilers fans that is).

"Escape From New York," obviously. Or is it "Captain Ron"?

Captain Ron haha. Watched EFNY last week. I'm talking about Soldier (1998). Has to be his finest movie based purely on acting.

"What are you going to do?"
"Kill them all, sir."

Looks like TO drafted him in 2000, so that would be the 4th (well, 1st...but you know what I mean).

I've followed Boyes since draft day. Word was he was POed some awful that they traded him and he said he'd make them regret it.

He got sent with McCauley & a pick for Owen Nolan at the trade deadline. Considering the Leafs were going for a deep run, I'd say it was a trade they made that I was sideways on. If they'd actually had a memorable run it would have been worth it, but we all know how Nolan's wonky injuries turned that into naught.

I'd much more critical of Quinn for doing something like...oh, letting Sullivan go unprotected after a 60gp 20g 20a season for nothing.

Lesson learned for Stoll and Torres? Yeah, right. Was L Column ever worth the gamble in the first place? Um, no. Nice bit o'coaching MacT.

BTW, anyone else notice the 28-89-12 shift late in the game besides me? Not saying it was dominating or anything...just highlighting it because I figured that's the line they should have gone with from the beginning (Thor in for L Column, Pisani with 14-16). Oh, right...the horse is already dead. I'll stop beating it then. Just sayin'.

I thought for sure we'd jump 'em in the second period. Instead, we seemed a bit flat. Gawd I miss the guys who ground you into submission - circa 2006.

"What are you going to do?"
"Kill them all, sir."

One of my favorite lines. Nice call UNI.

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