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You know what they say about people who treat other people bad on the way up?

Yeah, you get to treat 'em bad on the way back down, too. It's great. You get two chances to rough 'em up.

Screen capture taken from Yahoo!


Wondering if we can get a ruling from the BOA grammar police on this:
The Flames are in the midst of their third losing streak of three games or more this season.

this is for peter, who way back in october said...

"peter said

Yeah yeah, MacT is very amusing, blah blah blah.

As of today, October 12, 2007, the (disappointing) Flames are ahead of the Oil in the Western Conference playoff picture (9th place vs 14th) and with a game in hand.

My pint says the Flames do not relinquish their slender one point lead between now and April. Any takers among the so called Oil Faithful?

No, I did not think so."

October 13, 2007 11:46 PMt

This place is always more fun when there's some gratuitous face-washing going on. Especially when my team is the one with the upper hand. ;)

I had a bit of fun today. I'm a U of C student, so I decided, in a fit of hubris (and because I fell asleep in it last night after the game) to wear my Oilers jersey to school today, and wore it into my wrestling class at 9:30. The response was glorious.

guy, you forgot to excerpt the subsequent comment where you took him up on the bet. What? Oh...

I never took that bet exclusively, but I told Dennis back in October that if the Oilers were still playing .300-.400 hockey by Christmas, then fine, they were fucked, but otherwise, I was keeping the faith.

Oct. 4 - Nov. 7: 5-11-1 (0.324)
Nov. 10 - Dec. 3: 8-4-0 (0.667)

Sure, there's still three weeks left to go, but as it stands right now, I'm feeling pretty damned good.

Whoops, my counting is off. That should read

Oct. 4 - Nov. 7: 5-10-1 (0.344)

Point stands. There was no cause for hope.

I think the most embarrassing thing for Flames fans is the "GA" column.

Not to worry
The Queens have allowed 85

I was looking at some numbers yesterday; I was going to do a 1/3 season round-up because no one else seems to do stuff like that;) and I saw the Oilers were 3-1-1 in their last five road games.

They're now 4-1-1 after last night and that makes zero sense to me because a team with so many guys to hide should be easy to match against on the road.

Of course, both 14-16 have contributed to the last two road wins and the Oilers were trying to pick up points with those guys giving them basically fuckall. You knew that would change and now I'm just wondering how we'll play once everything evens out.

In any case, it's a helluva lot more fun to watch then there's a chance you're team might actually win;)

Andy, do you (or does anyone) keep baseball-style standings? I note that today, Nashville, with 25 gp and 28 points, is 2 games ahead of Edmonton (28 gp and 27 points), but ranked behind Columbus (27 gp, 29 points). That's just wrong.

I keep them by hand and post them every week or so... a few others do too, e.g Oilfans, but for whatever reason all the pages that are auto-updated don't re-rank (frequently a team shown as being 4 back is on top of a team shown as 3.5 back).

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