Thursday, December 06, 2007


Roll Call

• Gabriel Desjardins has made the Game-By-Game player logs (5v5) on Behind the Net much easier for people following specific teams to use. They can now be sorted according to team, on their own page. Perfect. Thanks, Gabriel! The logs for the Oilers and the Flames have been added in each of their sections of the sidebar.

• Vic's wonderful shift charts and head-to-head (5V5) are also in the sidebar. This is mostly a reminder for me. I didn't realize Matt had placed them there until last night.

• I've added in links for Flames coverage in the Calgary Herald and the Calgary Sun.

• I've updated the link to the Flames game and broadcast schedule, which wasn't working, as well as added Team Transactions and All Time Roster links.

Anything else I'm missing? I was planning on waiting until the site was redesigned to add to the blogroll, but that's taking forever (hey, we're busy guys), so I'll just do it bit by bit now instead. Fire away.


A Dictionary and Thesaurus for Fever4Flames?

If you're looking to update the blogroll, might as well toss Theory of Ice under the NE Division. (I was going to suggest it replace Sisu, until I saw that Jeff has apparently resurrected it.)

Will do. I've also added in some Advanced Stats in the Oilers section (Behindthenet Ratings).

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