Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Not now Arctic Puffin

Looks like I missed a gooder tonight. Damn. Secondly, I'd like to nominate "Scorcoff" for immediate placement in the BoA Glossary. All those in favour? AYE!!! All those opposed?

Motion carried.


I think you should change Joffrey Zoolander to Joffrey "Magnum" Lupul.

Hi-lites for ya:

>Souray moving in slow motion and then releasing the hound. Followed by a great camera shot from his point of view showing Penner with a ridiculous screen that only a man of 400 lbs could create.

>Pisani tying it. Damn I wish that one would've come at Rexall ...

> the 2 minutes in which the NAIT grads cut the sound from Quinn and Brown and we were left with the sounds of the game. Note to Rob Brown - it's ESpecially not EXpecially.

>Watching Stoll and Torres squirm in the box. Holy Shitballs.

I think you should change Joffrey Zoolander to Joffrey "Magnum" Lupul.

Not yet. You gotta tame the beast before you let it out of its cage.

i called him vincent lehorcoff all last night but scorcoff works for me.

"Scorcoff" is alright when he's rolling. How about "Suckoff" when he's slumping?

It was an exciting game last night. Scorcoff works....for now!

How about "Suckoff" when he's slumping?

Scorcoff doesn't slump. He intentionally allows other teams to feel good about themselves by taking the odd night off.

If you're putting Scorcoff into the list, you better add "Horcoff and Die!" too. What else are we supposed to say when he beats at team in the SO?


seems like scorcoff has taken on a life of its own. it needs to be added to the dictionary now that there is third party confirmation.

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