Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The Battle of Pennsylvania

Here's some highlights from last night's Pens/Flyers game.

First Ryan Malone and Gator drop the gloves:

Ben Eager runs Le GG and then turtles:

Then Eager gets the crap beat out of him by Gary Roberts:

Martin Biron challenges The Crosby to a fight:

Jeff Carter vs. Ryan Whitney, Colby Armstrong vs. Scott Hartnell:

And to cap it all off, Le GG slides into Biron:

I'm guessing the motivation for this was Biron challenging The Crosby, as well as the score, but I have to say it...boy does Le GG ever look dumb here.

But forget that! Look as Phaneuf runs away from Big Georges:

Everything except the Malone/Smith fight happened in the 3rd period. Here's the penalty summary from the game.


Actually, my first thought is: what the hell is wrong with the Flyers this year?

Buncha goon spazzes.

Laraque was on Team 1260 today and more or less admitted to "losing his edge" as a way to send a message. He got a $1000 fine, no suspension for the move.

What a classic 3rd period! Too bad Lupul didn't close out the ex-oiler connection by getting his ass kicked.

Can you believe that jagoff Therrien sniffing about Philly running up the score? Pittsburgh beat the Flyers EIGHT TIMES last season -- the Philly coach is gonna lean down at the bench last night with the "easy fellas, we don't want to embarrass these guys"?

There are two things besides 'experience' holding the Penguins back this year: goaltending & coaching.

Looks like a fun game though, too bad it wasn't Briere with the 3G 3A night. 8 freaking goals and the man only gets 1 assist in 22+ minutes of ice-time? I need more points for my pool =(.

In the limited even strength icetime, Lupul was out vs. Crosby. Weird.

5.4 out of 8.7 minutes, for 62.1%? What the hell was Stevens doing?

And why didn't it work for us?

Also, some will come down on this as a disgrace, etc. Those people are pussies. This is what lopsided rivalry games look like. But no, divisional playoffs are a terrible idea, even if they'd perfectly justify the current retarded schedule.

Matt - I know, its crazy.

They didn't only beat the Flyers last year, they beat them 8-2 and 8-3 (I believe).

but I have heard that Michelle can read minds. He actually knew what Daniel Briere was thinking!

How many times do the Pens have to lose badly to a div rival before they finally fire Shitferbrains?
"Just give it to the Kid" is not a coaching plan.

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