Wednesday, November 07, 2007



I just peed a bit in my pants.


lol, sadly, I as a Canucks fan feel similar when we get a point. Stupid Oilers, coming so close to us in the standings...

Feh. How long have the Canucks had injury problems on their D? Two weeks?

How many man-games have the Canucks' 6 active D played? Almost 2000?

Come back when you have something to really cry about.

(Although being just one point up on the Oilers is definitely getting close to that territory.)

We got a point.

And we only had to give up a lead to get it.

Sadly, this is still progress.

Andy, is that you being a cynical or are you directly quoting someone from 630 Ched?

you know this team shows some pretty good stuff sometimes. A bounce here and there could be 6 points in the standings. Good times are a coming when who knows when. I think the Oilers intro song should be Tick Tick Boom. At least they are not the Flames who are supposed to be lighting it up. The Kids are alright. I do subscribe we need a true goon. Zach just does not cut it.

I liked Reasoner's shootout attempt. That's my fave move. Too bad all you could hear was *CLANK*.

I just peed a bit in my pants.

Is that the opposite to 'I just threw up a bit in my mouth'?

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