Thursday, November 22, 2007


Shun the Non-Believer. Shunnnnnn....

Covered in Oil has the game thread tonight. Think of Ryan Smyth every time the PPV cuts to the Oilers new dressing room, and Gene Principe brings up the $4 million the team spent on it. $100,000 to keep a player who wants to stay. OR. $4 million to show that you really do value players, and want them to come/stay. Hmm. Go with the $4 million. Makes sense. This actually feels like it could be turned into a good drinking game, but I don't have time to get into it more. Greenzo out!

Prediction: 4-2, Oil. Gilbert Gilbert, Sanderson, Torres. And Smytty scores one on his own net just to help out his old team. GOIL!!!


no goal by the mullet but stortini scores his first. just to piss off the naysayers and so called pundits.

why not have faith? it's all we got. that and souray's smiling face sitting in the press box.

why not have faith? it's all we got.

Says the person who sold all of his possessions to move to Jonestown.

But, yes, sure: GOIL.

add a little sugar and a cup full of bourbon and that punch ain't half bad!

LB didn't comment? Damn. I did this post just to provoke him.

Andy: I looked at the effect the injury of an individual has on goal production. When Ryan Smith was out in Nov. 2006 we only went down .25G/GM. The line was on pace to generate 72 goals cycling the goal production through Ryan.
40G Ryan
19G Horc
13G Hemsky

I have been waiting to see what the line would produce.
This year horc and hemsky have had rotating LW. They are on pace for
34G Horc
23G Hemsky
We need a LW that can score 15G to reach 72G.

Thoerson was our best PK guy for 60G/gm he can replace that skill.

I was not sold on the trade but which would you choose a line that scores 72G for 13.2M or a line that scores 72G for 8.7M and .6M for our best PK guy.

I forgot to mention that Thoerson is leading the AHL in goals scored with 11. He sure fits that "got to have heart" "good on the PK" goal scoring left wing we need. and heh that will cost us another 1M less.

We're talking about the same Thor from last year right? He of 4 G. In 68 games. He's a responsible LW, a hard worker, and a good skater. "Scoring LW" is a bit of a stretch though.

Rod: He fills a role. and probaly could get 15G on the LW with Horc and Hemsky to bring it up to 72G. Same Point results and alot less money.

His two QMJHL and the Sweden years All say 55 to 65 PT seasons in the NHL. Plus he showed a 1:1 G:A in three years in Sweden and better than that in the AHL. All signs of NHL goal scoring potential. He is capable of 25-30G seasons with the right no. of shots per season.

You are efficient with your arguements though.

Yeah, I realize those weren't anywhere near complete sentences. Just caught a little off-guard at the concept of Thor as a scoring winger. Now you're suggesting 1st line winger? Wow. Sorry, I just don't see it. Why is 72G from a first line considered adequate?

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