Friday, November 02, 2007


Lessons in management, take 1918

A letter from Thanksgiving 2003, from the Boston Red Sox to Curt Schilling. Who wouldn't have agreed to a trade after reading this note?


Schilling is such a dramatic piece of shit. He's one of the biggest "look-at-me" athletes of all time.

And as an Expos fan, I can't stand this fat idiot because he was always one of the biggest mouthpieces when it came to the idea of how the franchise had to be moved. And never once did he speak about how earlier situations in Atlanta and Cleveland were even worse

Wow. So tell me how you really feel. Or how that relates to how fantastic this letter is. Cmon, Dennis. Wouldn't you feel better knowing any team you were a fan of was doing their homework like this?

Better yet, who cares after reading this post? Is this Battle of Alberta, or battle of good falmes posts vs. fucking baseball crap? Sigh.

Sorry, AG, I didn't mean to steal your thunder on this but the Expos will always be my first love and remembering the way Schilling cut the team and city to bits, it still kills me.

I hated that guy to the extent, and long before Shaughnaussy, I might add, that I couldn't even feel good about the way he shut down the Jays in G5 of the '93 Series and may I remind you, I REALLY hated the Jays.

I could go on, look up the stats on any player, and blow an equal amount of smoke up their ass in a letter.....honestly, if Lowe wrote a letter like that and it became public, people would be talking about desperation, not class. It reeks of Scott Boras.

PS, if all of the above isn't sufficient, Larry will suck your dick.



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