Monday, November 05, 2007


It's, you know, a Flames, you know, Game Night, you know

That's right -- Roger Millions and Theoren Fleury are calling the game in Denver tonight on Flames PPV (7PM MT). Never before have I been so free from guilt for choking out $12.95 + $1.00 ordering fee for a PPV broadcast. I'm not kidding, I have a giant smile on my face right now; I have absolutely no idea how great or awful it will be.

When I brought this up on Saturday, I was pretty matter-of-fact that Fleury won't be heading to the HHOF, but Tyler mentioned in the comments that he actually has a case. Upon further reflection, he's probably right.

Fleury's career stats speak fairly well for his chances: 1088 career points, 455 goals, over 1 pt/gm career average in both regular season and playoffs (he's presently 55th on the NHL Career Points List). He has a Stanley Cup, and a post-season All-Star selection. He was the best player on his team for many, many years.

The intangibles on the negative side are considerable:
The positive intangibles are cool though! Taking that horrendous Mark Messier turnover in alone the other way for the G6 OT winner in '91 -- and the fantastic celebration thereafter -- is an image that has proved lasting... Does anyone else have a shorthanded hat-trick yet?... And the fact that he hasn't officially retired yet -- and as such, has delayed the 3-year clock before he can be considered for the HOF -- may work out to his advantage, as his personal problems (touch wood) fade into the past before he ever comes up for a vote.

Fun stat: Fleury and Joe Sakic tied for the WHL scoring title in their 18-year-old years (Sakic got the trophy on more goals). Fleury had 160 points in 65 GP. His team, the Moose Jaw Warriors, had 308 goals in 72 GP. In other words, he was in on more than half his team's goals despite missing 7 games (he (Sakic too) was here... one year after being in the middle of this).

Anyhoo... Flames vs. Avalanche. Jose Theodore has unaccountably been tough on the Flames in recent games. This, like Alex Tanguay on a 2-on-1, shall pass. Calgary 7, Colorado 2 (both PP, natch). Go Flames.


Fun Fleury Fact - among the return on the rent-a-Theo deal with the Avalanche was a young Robyn Regher. Who then promptly broke both of his legs in a car accident. And will probably still get into the Hall of Fame before Theo will.

I am one of the rare breed of Flames fans who can't stand Theo. loved him loved him loved him his first few seasons but came to see him as a complete jerk by the end. I'll be happy when Jarome takes his over the all time Flames scoring lead.

I will however come to love Theo once more if he can get Roger Millions to stop referring to all of the Flames players by first names during the play by play.

If Glenn Anderson isn't in, there is absolutely no way Fleury gets in.

If Glenn Anderson isn't in, there is absolutely no way Fleury gets in.

You mean, Theo had a boyfriend drown in his pool, too?

So, how was the PPV? I didn't order it and felt equally good about my decision as you did about yours, Matt. Until I hear from more than a couple people that the quality of the broadcasts has improved, I'm done with Flames PPV.

I missed the entire game on the radio too, but from the box score it looks like the Flames got dominated. Accurate?

Did you just reference the Gateway as a reason for why Fleury shouldn't make it? I hope Joel Chury is a close personal friend or something.

"Somewhere in the world, Theoren Fleury is drunk."

-random graffiti above the men's urinal in the Jekyll & Hyde pub, 100th Avenue and 106th Street, Edmonton, Alberta

The PPV broadcast did pump up the brightness for this one, but the quality still isn't there (but it did make it slightly more watchable)...

Of course, I live in Ontario and get Centre Ice, so I wasn't paying for it either...

Theoren was as you'd expect. He sounded like he always did in mid-game interviews with all of the prarie boy charm filled with a lot of uhms and various other space fillers...

It was definitely worth it on my end, but again, I didn't really pay for it...

Oh, and yeah, the boys played like crap, one of their worst games of the year...

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