Thursday, November 15, 2007


Get Your Tickets Heerrreee!!!

From the Oilers page. Hmm. Trouble in Oil Country, or same ol', same ol'?


According to CHED, the double tickets available for the Wild game are the result of Minnesota deciding they didn't want some of the tickets that were set aside for them (apparently even friends and family of Wild players don't want to watch them play). As for the rest, do we know whether they're only singles or whether there are doubles available? I think there are quite often singles remaining on game day.

I doubt there's any real trouble here. I've written off the season, and agree with everything you've said about Laforge and a good portion of what you've said about Lowe, and I still plan on trying to make it to a game or two in the new year.

(I may be atypical, but I suspect I'm more atypical in agreeing with you than I am in planning to attend games.)

Ya, I didn't really know, which is why I asked. I don't ever remember seeing something like that on the Oilers page before, but I haven't spent much time on it other than this year.

Oversaturating, underdelivering.

The team is great fun to watch, but it's not beign sold honestly.

Even for the Wild tonight, there were (2hrs ago) only pairs of standing room left. I'm sure those are gone, and only singles will remain. Any of the good games will probably only have singles or a few pairs, though I might go look!

Shitty or not, the Oil will sell out every game this year, I imagine.

If they really shit the bed, some of the rich folks in the lower bowl may not be inclined to attend down the stretch, but the seats will be sold.

I don't have any idea how this works, ie what constitutes "available" or "limited", though I'd guess that the first one means there's a helluva lot more tickets available than the latter;)

The critics will never "win" when it comes to this, and I say that being, as far as I know, one of the original online critics considering I was fooling around for Oilfans since Nov of '98 or '99.

When I was "right" about Salo, it meant the whole team suffered. And if we get a chuckle because fans get so sick of losing that they stop showing up, then we get kicked in the nuts when the EIG cites that same development as a reason for not spending to the cap.

In any case, interesting nonetheless. I happened upon this today when looking at the upcoming games and then later, I saw that Andy was going to blurb on it.

Nice to see the Oilers spinning it so quickly, though. Whether the reason for the availables is true or not, I think it says something at the Oilers would feel compelled to comment on it.

"Nothing to see here, folks."!!

Word of mouth is that tickets are easy to come by, and that scalpers aren't doing too well before games. I was kind of hoping a season ticket holder might pop by just to give a perspective on how full it is every night. That doesn't tell the full story, as how full it is and how many tix they are selling are two different things, but I'd be interested in knowing more about what the vibe is like in the arena every night.

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