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Forbes NHL Team Evaluations Released

Forbes Magazine has released its annual evaluations of NHL franchises.

Here's the overview on the Oilers, where they stand in the league in terms of revenue, and the overall rankings. Here's the 2006 overview.

Here's the overview on the Flames, where they stand in the league in terms of revenue, and the overall rankings. Here's the 2006 overview.

Glove tap to Mirtle for the link. His recent post on big small markets is a must read, and so I'll put Ah. There we go. Looks good.

The values of both teams have gone up, but it looks like a much bigger increase in team value for the Flames. In 2006, Forbes had them valued at $136 million. They now have them valued at $164 million, a 21 % increase. That's the fifth highest change in overall value, after the (?) Devils, Ducks, Leafs, and Canadiens.

Feedback welcome.


The new rink and the move to Newark is the reason the Devils are up so much.

Gotcha. Hmm. I wonder why the EIG could want us to build them a rink, then?

I wonder why the EIG could want us to build them a rink, then?

God, you're way too cynical, Andy. Don't you know that they know best when it comes to revitalizing downtown? If we kept the money we'd just piss it away on some frivolous white elephant.

Why would Forbes have a photo of Kipper wearing the Alberta flag shouler patch for the Flames, and a photo of Niinimaa & Tommy Gun circa 2000?

If the Chicago Blackhawks were a stock, they look REALLY undervalued. They should be a top 5-6 team, in revenue, earnings and valuation. If Rocky Wirtz just doesn't continue to screw it up, like dear ol' dad, the Blackhawks should double in value inside 5 years.


*NJ had the biggest increase - likely tied to their new arena


The Oilers paid into revenue sharing both seasons since the lockout. That has to be incorrect.

Cal Nichols, ''We're 7th in the league in revenues."

The Valuation link for 2007 shows:
*20th overall in franchise value (157M) - for some reason, down from llast year, 19th overall.
*Made a profit of 9.9M last year (Flames lost money at -0.7M). 8th highest in the league. You can imagine how much they'd rake in if they made the playoffs.
*5th lowest absolute debt in the league (4th lowest last year)

*18th in the league according to Forbes, which directly contradicts statements by Nichols, LaForge, and Lowe indicating top 10 in league revenues. The Oilers paid into revenue sharing both years, so they had to be top 10.


How is it possible to be 18th in league revenues, and 8th in overall profit, despite the fact the team was bottom third in payroll?

Just more contradictions, leading me to believe didn't actually look at the books, but just making raw estimates.

What is the overall profitability of the NHL?

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