Saturday, November 10, 2007


Battle Game Night

I have a million (zillion!) great takes to share, about tonight's BoA in Calgary (8PM MT, HNIC) among other things, but I'm going to save them for this evening's LIVEBLOG. Prediction:
All the big guns gonna shoot out the lights,
The place'll be rockin' cause it's Saturday night.

Calgary 6 (Iginla x3, Phaneuf x2, Tanguay)
Edmonton <<6

Go Flames.



This is the night Kipper becomes Tommy Salo.

This is the night Kipper becomes Tommy Salo.

I am sooo feeling that. Soon to be ex-Flame Dion Phaneuf also gets beat up by Charlie Huddy. It is so on.

Yesssss! Now that Kipper's signed, Andy's switched his "enjoy him while he's still around" target to Phaneuf. I was wondering who he was going to go with.

Watching the beginning of the Leafs - Rangers game while on my break at work, and can somebody find the imbecile responsible for focusing the camera on Mats Sundin when Mark Messier's "greatest leader" bit was read off and kill him?

Watching the beginning of the leafs game and hearing the ol duo of coloe/neale butcher another game sure makes me happy i live out west. are one of these going to have to die for cbc to realize they are too old and blind to call a game.

I was wondering who he was going to go with.

Not many choices left after Sutter signed all those guys. Plus, my hatred for Phaneuf is well documented. It was an easy move.

Kipper maintains the title of worst save percentage in the NHL!

He'll get better. He always does. I'm sure of it. Hockey Gods love the Falmes.

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