Thursday, October 11, 2007


Oh, And About Last Night

Mike W. does a good job breaking down last night's Oil/Wild game. I agree that the loss wasn't terribly surprising or upsetting. The Wild scored two goals in an absolutely mind-numbing hockey game. They didn't dominate the game. They bored their way to victory (I used to try the same thing with women, with far less success).

Like I said last night, I still worry about the powerplay, because it looks like the organization focused on a personnel change during the summer rather than a personnel change along with a strategic change. I don't know why the Oilers thought replacing Jarret Stoll's hard shot from the point with Sheldon Souray's hard shot from the point would be the answer to all their powerplay woes, but I haven't seen much of a change from that strategy so far this season. Again though: it's been four games. Other than that, and coming out flat for two games on the road against top opposition, I don't have much to complain about. I didn't get too high when we won our first two games, and I'm not going to get too low after we've lost our first two. I expect it's going to be like that all season long, so I'm just rolling with it, enjoying what I can, and having some fun.

Plus, the Flames still haven't won a hockey game. So I got that going for me.


Hey if you had told me at this point we'd have four points I would have been happy. I didn't expect anything out of this little trip at all.

Last night they looked like what they are - a young and flawed team.

As for the PP - too predictable and too static - players are not moving at all and its all about setting up Souray.

That is not going to work.

But losing to the Wild (are they even human - talk about a faceless team) is no reason to panic.

Obviously all the blame directed last year at Simmer for the Oil's powerplay impotence was perhaps misplaced?

Well no, as he could have changed it up at any time, if he was in charge. It could just as easily be interpreted as them not bothering to change what he was doing when he was coach.

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