Thursday, October 04, 2007


Game 1 Report Card

If you missed the game, use this handy guide to see how your favorite player did:
Did he join the Flames prior to 2007? He was somewhere between solid and excellent (possible exception of Huselius).
Did he join the Flames in 2007? He was atrocious and may get Darryl Sutter fired in 7 months [important morning edit:] (Sarich was the exception proving the rule)

That's the big story of tonight's game. The small story is that I'm loving Mike Keenan; I'll get to that maybe in the Saturday Game Day post.


I only saw the 3rd and what it looked like to me is the wrong team won. Briere went top drawer on a breakaway after CAL had the ball on the 1 for about 10 minutes.

Hockey is a goofy game.

I only saw the 3rd and what it looked like to me is the wrong team won.


I like Keenan as a coach. He's an organization killer, but in a short term (like one year) he is a marvel.

I also like Iginla and their defense.

I am not at all surprised (and I wish I could be) that it was Eriksson who made the fatal giveaway....

I was at the game tonight. 2 things: 1) Adrian Aucoin was awful. Don't know what the hype is. 2) Not sure if anyone knows this or not, but Lupul is not a good player. Okay, everyone knows it but he proved it again tonight. Still can't get the puck over the blue line.

Any Calgary loss = Awesome!

Suttertide just doesn't have the same ring, does it?

Always bet on the team you didn't bet on. And if they lose, well at least you weren't personally harmed.

I'm disappointed that it was Eriksson who had the losing giveaway. I listened to the game on the radio (being on transit and at work during the entire thing) and didn't hear his name come up at all . . . which, based on his pre-season performance, was a good thing.

It looks like Adrian and Anders will cause much sorrow in Calgary and much rejoicing in Edmonton this season. Aucoin contributing to the first two Philly goals (via giveaway and penalty) and Eriksson contributing to the third is pretty bad. At least Sarich seemed solid.

Still, it seemed like we were controlling play by the end of the game. Last minute screw ups are okay, as long as you don't start slow. Philly didn't seem too threatening except when we handed them oppourtunities.

Oh, and what's up with the face offs? A center (Lombardi) going 0 for 7? Even Yelle, normally reliable, was 3 for 11.

oilfan glen: Since when was there hype about Aucoin?

I cringed when I saw Aucoin's name on the trade ticker.

Not a fan of Eriskskkksssonn either.

I guess Sarich was OK, but the worrisome thing was how ploddingly slow and uncommitted the entire defence corps was (outside of Phaneuf, who had other issues). Older guys are supposed to make up for declining footspeed with a combination of smarts and positioning, I didn't see much of either. I'd rather watch prospects get beat than have creaky vets give the puck away all night.

A guy in a Lombardi jersey walked by my office in Toronto yesterday. I was shocked.

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