Saturday, October 06, 2007


Flames Game Night

Flames vs. Canucks on HNIC in about 1 minute. During the opener, Hughson/Simpson explained the massive disparity in TOI amongst Flames by saying that Mike Keenan likes to go with who's hot that night. If this is true, we should see some different players leaned on tonight, right?

I'm interested to see. I figure since I'm expecting disappointing results for the first five games, a good thing to focus on is the new coach. Scoreboard tonight: 2-2 after 60. Go Flames.


Luongo down! Curtis warming up, (looking hopeful?) but Luongo is okay. Would love to know what went through Vineault mind there

And 3-1 after 40.

Langkow scores and gets tackled by (I think) Iginla. Wait, Langkow again! whoa. It's tied. This looks pretty good.

Another two amazing periods from the Flames . . . and one poor one. This is the first hockey I've watched this season (as opposed to listening), and I am pretty pleased with how the Flames looked. Except for the penalties, of course. There were some mistakes from the defense, but nothing that we got punished for. Naslund's goal will not be a common event, especially as Kipprusoff shakes the rust off. It will be up to Keenan to improve the penalty kill, but that's why we hired an experienced coach.

Highlights: Smith, Primeau, Godard breaking into the offensive zone, passing the puck, and giving Godard a good shot oppourtunity.

Phaneuf hugging the post and making the save while Kipprusoff was still sprawled out.

Langkow on pace for a 164 goal season.

Lombardi reeling in two Vancouver defensemen, starting from our defensive zone to gain the offensive zone for our team.

hey fever4flames, here's a small tip you save the smack talk for when your team is actually winning games.

I'm glad the Sedins weren't triplets.

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