Friday, October 12, 2007


Flames Game Day

CGY @ DAL, 630PM MT, Flames PPV

I'm going to do a post-game tonight instead of a pre-game. Among other reasons, I prefer to write with optimism, and I'm hoping this game makes that... less of a stretch.

Iginla, Tanguay, and Phaneuf all crack their goose eggs in the G column for a 3-1 Win. Go Flames.


End of 1st period: Another solid start with potential for a win. Sigh . . .

The teams came out very balanced: 10 shots each, 1 goal each, no penalties, top scorers get 1st goal of the season.

I'm listening to the game on the radio again, which makes it harder for me to see how the Flames are playing, but it sounds like we're controlling the puck well. We'll win this game if we avoid PK troubles.

1st Win!

I hope Iginla and Lombardi get some confidence out of this game. Actually, I hope everyone gets some confidence out of this. We've fought back from deficits six times in four games, and that effort payed off tonight.

Nashville is going to be tough. Back to back games including travel means tired players. With a division rival as our fourth road trip opponent, I think we have to give Kipprusoff the night off and play Keetley. But I'm not going to write us off yet. The season is still young, no one is sick or injured, and we've just had a rewarding game.

Go Flames!

Phaneuf: over 30 minutes TOI.

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