Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Even Steven

25 seconds left against Detroit, and we give up a goal. Guess that evens out Sunday's comeback against the Ducks. Anyone watch this game tonight? I didn't. It was the third PPV in four games, and I refuse to give even a loonie up for this product. What happened?


Tarnstrom blew it. Totally out of position, the guy went wide on him and poof, game over. What a killer at Rexall tonight. And just when the Oilers were flying and would have probably won it in overtime.

The cosmos was against us. I originally blamed it on Dick, but in hindsight the entire team was responsible (MAP + Gagner + etc.) It was a bad change.

Bad change....maybe. But how the hell did Dicky get so out of position so quickly?? He should have been out of position to the wide side not inside. It was unreal. Roli probably should have had the shot too.

Maybe a bad change? Try definitely. No question about it. It was horrid. Absolutely awful. Detroit was carrying the puck across their own blue line--Datsyuk no less--and Pouliot coasted to the bench from the centre ice circle. No coincidence that Filppula tore right through that area. No wonder Tarnstrom was surprised by the speed he carried. True, blowing a tire means Tarnstrom had a hand in that late goal too. Solely blaming him is rather short sighted though. Pouliot blew it big time.

Gagner stayed on the ice, so I'm not sure how he gets blamed for a bad change voxel. Correct me if I'm wrong.

The kicker? Pouliot didn't even get a minus on the play. That honour went to Penner, who apparently was lucky enough to replace Pouliot as Filppula drover around Tarnstrom.

I here Greene is injured. Seriously?

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Yep. Greene went down after a knee hit in the second period (didn't see it really well...the Pouliot manoeuvre sorta took my focus away).

Anyway, it was Greene's landing that was the problem. It appeared one foot bent a direction it shouldn't as he landed on it. I'd guess a sprained ankle at least.

Lost in all the later events was a knee hit on Hemsky in the first period by Lilja. Hemmer danced around him, but Lilja stuck out his leg. Hemsky seemed OK after the play, so the Oil obviously dodged a bullet that time.

BTW, I didn't see the game either. Someone's probably seen the clips more than me and can offer a better description of the Greene injury.

Thank God Andy's finally switched back from writing about the Red Sox to the proper subject of this weblog: not watching Oiler games.

Of course the ironic part is that World Series rights is the reason Sporstnet hasn't carried an Oiler game in a while...leading to all the PPVs.

the proper subject of this weblog: not watching Oiler games.

That seems about right.

Actually neither hit was a "knee hit". Admittedly, I thought Lilja's was at first, but the replay from behind shows his pathetic attempt at a hip check. Greene tried to hop over Drake or Draper and caught a rut.

It was the third PPV in four games, and I refuse to give even a loonie up for this product.

So we're not the only ones with sucky PPV's? I thought the Oilers stuff was much better because they already broadcast their own games and sell their own advertising. Is this not the case?

I watched the end, Andy, and I'll just offer, it's probably better that I watched the ending than if you had watched it.

Because of it, there's one more working television in the world today.

3 months for Matt Greene! If you didn't see the injury it was pretty grisly; you could tell the ankle was broken pretty much right away...

Yeppers, poor Tarny looked like he was doing a double take trying to get into position after that change and Filppula was flying. Just crushing to watch.

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