Friday, October 05, 2007


Breaking News

Calgary sucks. So says the Calgary Herald. So say us all.


"There could be any number of excuses for the dismal results. One could point to the fact the methodology used was far from scientific: Only 600 people participated in the online process, mainly targeted community leaders but also members of the general public. They evaluated 65 categories and gave a grade based on data provided by the project's research team."

I think once we can all acknowledge that "community leaders" = rent-seekers and "members of the general public" = people with axes to grind, this makes quite perfect sense.



Indeed Grabia, indeed....breaking news is that home run ball just landed in suburban Hartford 10 minutes ago. I think the thing was still rising when it went over the Monster.

Sox up 2-0, Yankees down 2-0. Good times.

"Community leaders" = "rent seekers"

hee hee.

Gonna be a good season.

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