Wednesday, October 03, 2007


BoA On Crazy Canucks: Get Yours Now!

The new Crazy Canucks podcast is up, and--ta dah!--it features two silky smooth voices from Lethbridge and Edmonton. Matt and I look back at last season's events, the off-season, as well as take a stab at predicting the Flames and Oilers chances this upcoming season. We also do a remarkably good job in restraining ourselves from making fun of the Canucks and their fans. Many thanks to Alanah for giving us our 44.44 minutes of fame.


I giggle non-stop throughout this thing. Wow. I wasn't even high.

At least you didn't talk about Ethan's gonads like you did in previous podcasts.

I dreamt of them that night, instead.

I forgot about Matt's Pelle Lindbergh comment. Hilariously distasteful.

I could only get as far as two minutes in the box with that voice.

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